Consular fees in India

Find out how much you need to pay for consular services, such as issuing passports, identity cards and consular declarations, on the list of fees. You can pay by credit card, or in cash in Indian rupees (INR).

Fees as per 1 March 2024

Passport and identity cardEURINR
Passport adult (18 and over)159,9514.280,00
Passport minor (under 18)139,4012.440,00
Business passport (10 jaar/years)159,9514.280,00
Business passport minor (under 18)139,4012.440,00
Identity card adult (18 and over)158,6514.160,00
Identity card minor (under 18)121,8010.870,00
Emergency document57,005.080,00
Laissez-passer for a corpse60,005.350,00
Surcharge for a passport or ID card application submitted at a different location*25,402.260,00
* Application submitted at a location that does not normally accept passport or ID card applications. The surcharge applies to all applicants

Schengen visa child (under 6)Free of chargeFree of charge
Schengen visa child (6 - 11)40,003.570,00
Schengen visa normal fee80,007.140,00
Schengen visa, low fee**35,003.120,00
Airport transit visa child (under 6)Free of chargeFree of charge
Airport transit visa child (6 - 11)40,003.570,00
Airport transit visa80,007.140,00
Caribbean visa child (under 6)Free of chargeFree of charge
Caribbean visa child (6 - 11)40,003.570,00
Caribbean visa80,007.140,00
MVV (Authorisation for temporary stay), different fees, depending on purpose of stay----
Entry visa child (under 6)Free of chargeFree of charge
Entry visa child (6-11)40,003.570,00
Entry visa80,007.140,00
** visa facilitation for citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Cape Verde

Obtaining Dutch nationalityEURINR
Option procedure: single217,0019.370,00
Option procedure: joint370,0033.030,00
Option procedure: additional fee for a minor24,002.140,00
Naturalisation: single, standard1.023,0091.330,00
Naturalisation: joint, standard1.305,00116.510,00
Naturalisation: single, lowered760,0067.850,00
Naturalisation: joint, lowered1.044,0093.210,00
Naturalisation: additional fee for a minor151,0013.480,00
Civic integration exam (for naturalisation)350,0031.250,00

Consular documentsEURINR
Consular certificates30,002.670,00
Statement true copy of original or a true duplicate26,252.340,00
Visa letter50,004.460,00
Multilingual standard form24,002.140,00

Legalisation signature Dutch citizen26,252.340,00
Assistance in requesting documents103,009.190,00
Assistance in requesting and legalising/affixing an apostille on a document131,0011.690,00

Other costsEURINR
Postage costs12,501.110,00

You cannot derive any rights from the amounts stated here. The amounts may change at any time.