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Applying to collect a driving licence in the Netherlands

Have you passed your practical driving test? You can then collect your driving licence at your municipality. You are not allowed to drive a vehicle until you have collected your driving licence.

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Applying for a driving licence

Your driving license is usually valid for 10 years. Do you have a driving license for a truck or bus? Or are you 70 years or older? Then your new driving license is valid for a maximum of 5 years. Are you between 65 and 70 years old? Your new driving license is valid until you turn 75.

The driving license states which motor vehicle you are allowed to use on the road. Do you already have a driving license? And have you successfully completed your driving test for another motor vehicle? Then you must apply for a new driving license for this category extension. For example, if you already have a car driving license and you pass your motorcycle license.

Is your driving license damaged?
Apply for a replacement driving license.

Is there a medical limitation or a heavier category for the driving license?
Then the replacement driving license is valid until the same date as your old driving licence. If there is no medical limitation or a heavier category, you will receive a new driving license that is valid for 10 years.

Do you participate in the alcolock program?
Then your previous driving license has been declared invalid. Apply for a new driving license at the municipality. It is stated on the driving license that you drive with an alcolock.

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