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Applying to collect a driving licence in the Netherlands

Have you passed your practical driving test? You can then collect your driving licence at your municipality. You are not allowed to drive a vehicle until you have collected your driving licence.

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Applying for a driving licence

Have you passed your driving test? Or is your driving licence going to expire? In these cases, apply for a (new) driving licence at the municipality. Make an appointment first. You may only request and collect a driving licence in person.

At your appointment, ensure you bring:

  • Valid proof of identity (only for first driving licence applications)
  • 1 passport photograph in colour that conforms to all requirements. Your passport photograph must not be older than 6 months.
  • Your old driving licence

Still under 18?

In that case, first request a supervisor pass from the RDW before you come to apply for a driving licence. You need not bring the supervisor pass to your appointment with the municipality.

When you come to collect, ensure you bring:

  • Valid proof of identity (only for first driving licence applications)
  • Collection slip
  • Your old driving licence if you apply for a new driving licence

When to collect?

  • Normal applications: after 5 working days
  • Urgent: the next working day (after 12.00h) if your application was made before 14.00h

Driving licence costs

You collect your driving licence in person at the municipality after about one week.

Need it sooner?

If you need your driving licence quickly you may submit an urgent application. If you made your application before 14.00h you may collect it on the next working day. Additional charges are due on urgent applications.

Valid for how long?

  • Under 65 years: valid for 10 years
  • Between 65 and 70: valid until your 75th birthday
  • Between 70 and 75: valid for 5 years
  • Over 75: maximum term of validity 5 years

Questions about this topic?

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