4. North East

Over the past 20 years this region has successfully transformed its industrial economy into a growing knowledge economy with a strong focus on research and development in life sciences & health, energy and sustainability.

Only a few years ago the North East was one of the UK’s poorest regions. Today its economy is growing steadily, with good investment and rising productivity. There are many tech startups in the region.

Population: 2.6 million
Surface area: 8,592 km2
Major cities: Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Durham and Middlesbrough


Newcastle upon tyne


Gross Value Added (2017): £53.235 million (£20.129 per capita)

Import (2017)
Value: 2,8% of total UK imports
Main partners: Germany, France, China
Main products: machinery & transport equipment, chemicals

Export (2017)
Value: 3,9% of total UK exports
Main partners: Netherlands, Germany and United States
Main products: machinery & transport equipment, chemicals

Important universities

Major Airports                         

Major Harbours

Durham University

Newcastle airport


Newcastle University

Port of Sunderland

Northumbria University

Port of Hartlepool

Port of Tyne