Q&A's Civic integration exam

I have an appointment for a civic integration exam at the embassy. What can I do?

Due to COVID-19, most appointments for civic integration exams at embassies have been cancelled until further notice. Depending on local circumstances, it is again possible to sit the exam at some embassies.

If you still have a valid appointment but you doubt whether the embassy is open for exams, you can contact the embassy about your appointment status.

When can I make another appointment for the civic integration examination?

Depending on local circumstances, it is again possible to sit the exam at some Dutch embassies. If your exam was canceled due to COVID-19 you will receive a new invitation from the embassy, but not until this embassy is able to provide exams.

If you did not have an appointment for an exam before, you can check with the Dutch embassy in your region about the possibilities.

Up-to-date information is available at the website Naarnederland.nl

Do I have to pay for a new exam appointment?

No. You have already paid the exam fee to DUO, and you will not have to pay again.

What does it mean to me if I cannot take the civic integration exam now?

It might mean your MVV procedure cannot be started without a diploma for the civic integration exam. The websites of the IND and website Naarnederland.nl are providing more information about the civic integration exam and its conditions.

Can I be exempted from civic integration or take the civic integration exam in the Netherlands?

No, the civic integration examination is part of the MVV application and the worldwide COVID-19 measures in itself are not a reason for exemption.

Do you think you are eligible for exemption from the examination due to other special circumstances? In that case, you must submit a request for exemption to the IND.