Pensions and benefits in Tokelau

Do you live or work in Tokelau? Or do you plan to? This may affect your pension and benefits, including your child benefit.

Receiving benefits abroad

Depending on your situation you may be able to continue receiving pension or benefits abroad. This also depends on the type of benefit you receive. The Netherlands may also have special arrangements with the country where you live or work. On you can find general information on receiving your pension or benefits abroad.

You can also ask the institution that pays out your benefits or pension.

Pension and child benefit

The Social Insurance Bank (SVB) pays out child benefit and pensions (AOW, ANW, AIO). On their website you can read the rules for people who live and work outside the Netherlands.

If you have a supplementary pension beside your AOW state pension you should contact your own pension fund.

Benefits paid out by the UWV

The Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) pays out unemployment benefits (WW), sickness benefits (Ziektewet) and incapacity benefits (WIA, WAO, Wajong, WAZ). Go to to find out whether you can receive your benefit abroad.

Social assistance benefit through your municipality

If you receive a social assistance benefit, ask your municipality what will happen if you move abroad.

Certificate of life

If you are entitled to a pension or benefits and you live abroad, your benefits agency may ask you to provide a certificate of life. The Dutch embassy or consulate can issue or sign and stamp a certificate of life.

Pensions and benefits in this country or region

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