Applying for emergency documents in United Kingdom

If your passport or identity card is lost or stolen while you are in United Kingdom and you want to apply for a new passport, ID card or for a laissez-passer, contact the Dutch embassy or consulate. Bring the necessary documents with you to your appointment.

Passport or identity card lost or stolen

Is your passport or identity card lost or stolen? The embassy or consulate can help you apply for a temporary or permanent document to replace your passport or identity card. Contact the embassy or consulate in your region as soon as possible.

Documents needed to apply for an emergency travel document

If you are applying for a new passport, emergency passport or laissez-passer, take the following documents with you to the embassy or consulate:

  • a completed passport application form;
  • a completed declaration stating that the travel document has been lost;
  • if possible: other identity documents or photocopies of them;
  • if possible: a photocopy of the passport or identity card that was lost or stolen;
  • 2 photos (1 required and 1 spare) that meet the Dutch requirements for passport photos;
  • if possible: a police report stating that your passport or identity card was lost or stolen;
  • proof that you cannot delay your journey or proof that you are a tourist;
  • tickets for your onward journey if you are travelling by plane, train or boat.

Emergency travel documents for children

If the lost or stolen document belongs to a child younger than 18, take proof of consent from the child’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and photocopies of the parent’s/parents’ or legal guardian’s/guardians’ passport(s).

How long will it take?

Issuing an emergency document or laissez-passer generally takes 2 to 3 working days. Applying for a new passport generally takes 4 weeks.

If you find your lost or stolen travel document, hand it in to the embassy or consulate. You can no longer use your old document.

How much does an emergency document cost?

For the cost of applying for an emergency travel document, see the overview of consular fees.

Applying for an emergency document in this country or region

Visiting the United Kingdom and your passport or identity card has been lost or stolen?

Application replacement emergency document

You can apply for an emergency travel document (a laissez-passer) during working days. You can apply at the Netherlands Embassy in London during working hours without an appointment.
Please note that the Embassy will have to give permission for the issuance of a laissez-passer if you wish to apply at one of the consulates in the United Kingdom.You therefore first have to complete the passport application form and the declaration stating the travel document has been lost (C2 form) and send these forms to the consular section of the Embassy in London. The Embassy will contact the honorary consul once approval has been given to issue an emergency travel document. Contacting the honorary consul before approval has been given therefore is not advisable and could cause a delay.

Stranded during the weekend?

In practice it has been found that some travel companies are prepared – after consulting the Dutch Border Agency – to transport stranded Dutch tourists holding a return ticket Netherlands – UK back to the Netherlands provided they still hold the return ticket used to travel to the UK and also a copy of the lost or stolen document in combination with other identity documents like a Dutch driving license. In case your return journey is during the weekend and the earliest possibility to be seen for the application of a replacement emergency travel document at the Embassy or Consulate is the next working day, you can check with your carrier if they are willing to transport you back on the basis of the aforementioned documents. The Embassy however cannot be part of this decision, nor can the Embassy mediate in any way. If at first instance you have the opportunity to request an emergency replacement document for your return journey this is always preferable.

Your details

In case you discover during the weekend that you have lost your passport or identity card, please contact the Embassy by email and pass on the following details in order to speed up the procedures on the next working day:

  1. your full name
  2. date of birth
  3. place of birth
  4. place of issuance of the lost Dutch travel document and photocopy if available
  5. contact details, email address and phone number on which you are available as well as the address you are staying at in the UK. In case you are still in the possession of a valid driving licence or other identity documents with a photo please state this and provide a scan of this document if possible.

Emergency documents are not acceptable in all countries.

Please make sure to clarify your full itinerary when passing on the information. With an emergency travel document you can always travel back to the Netherlands.

Please note: For the Embassy the previously mentioned declaration of loss (C2 form) is sufficient for the application of a new/replacement travel document, a police report from the loss or theft is not required. Your insurance company, however, may need a police report if an insurance claim is made.

Living in the UK and your Dutch passport or identity card had been lost or stolen?


When your passport or identity card is lost or stolen it is compulsory to fill in and send us a declaration of loss (C2). Please send a scan/copy of this filled in and signed C2 form as soon as possible to so your document can be reported to prevent misuse by others. The original form must be presented with the application for a new travel document. You can report the document as lost or stolen with the police, this isn’t compulsory.

Applying for a new document

When your Dutch passport or identity card is stolen, lost or expired and you have no immediate need to travel soon please follow the regular passport renewal instructions. You should make an appointment with the passport department of the Embassy.

Emergency appointment

If you have an immediate need to travel and you would like to use our priority/emergency procedure please contact the consular department of the Embassy. The Embassy will assess whether you are eligible. If so, you must prove by documentary evidence that you have a need due to unforeseen and urgent short-term conditions to travel. Because of the additional administrative burden an additional fee has to be paid (€ 50).

The Embassy will process your application for a new travel document with priority treatment.

If even this emergency procedure takes too long, the Embassy in extreme emergencies can (in some cases through a Consulate, depending on where you reside) in addition provide a laissez-passer for the benefit of the next emergency trip.

Emergency documents are not accepted in all countries. Please make sure when providing your details that it is clear which country you are travelling to!


In order to qualify for the priority procedure and/or an emergency travel document you will need to submit all documents for a regular passport application, as well as documents providing proof of the fact your trip is regarded an ‘emergency’:

  • Booked ticket (airline/ferry/train). Please note: In case you are not in the possession of a booked ticket at the time of your request for an emergency procedure for an emergency travel document you should first verify any booking with the consular employee! This is because it cannot be guaranteed that your request will be honored.
  • In case of illness / death first or second degree relative medical certificate from a specialist / death certificate / documents proving the family relationship.
  • In case of other emergencies for the journey: other supporting documents.

Prevention of misuse
Please note: Passports and identity cards that have been lost or stolen are registered to prevent fraud and misuse. The passport or identity card should therefore not be used if it is later recovered. Please send it to the Embassy, consulate, gemeente or Dutch border control as soon as possible.