Certificate of life in the United States

If you live in the United States and you need a certificate of life, the embassy in Washington or the consulates general in New York, Chicago, Miami or San Francisco can draw up this document for you.

You can also go to a local notary to have the documents stamped.

When do you need a certificate of life?

Dutch benefit agencies, such as the ABP and the Sociale Verzekeringsbank, could ask for a certificate of life (attestie de vita). The embassy or consulate will draw up this statement for you.

What do I need?

To apply for a certificate of life, you must go to the consular department of the embassy or consulate. In addition, the following conditions apply:

  • You have a valid ID
  • Your Dutch nationality or nationalities can be determined
  • Your address and residence can be determined, for example, by proof of registration of the municipality where you live, or a gas or electric bill
  • Your marital status can be established, for example, by a marriage certificate

Stamping a certificate of life

Some Dutch benefit agencies have their own certificates of life. The embassy or consulate can then sign and stamp these documents. You do not need to apply for a separate certificate of life. You do need to meet these conditions:

  • You have the Dutch nationality
  • You have to visit the embassy or consulate yourself
  • You must show a valid ID (passport or ID card)
  • You can prove your home address: for example with official documents of the authorities

You must sign the documents at the embassy or consulate in the presence of a staff member of the embassy.

Procedure to apply in Washington, Miami, San Francisco and New York

Make an appointment via the online appointment system.

Procedure to apply in Chicago

Send an e-mail to make an appointment.

Any questions?

In case you have questions, contact us via the contact form.