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Job opening: Consular Affairs Officer, Caracas, Venezuela

Job opening: Consular Affairs Officer, Caracas, Venezuela

News item | 07-02-2020 | 15:49

Strengthening Women Entrepreneurship Vietnam

Vietnamese women have made increasing and considerable contributions to the national socio-economic development. However, ...

News item | 07-02-2020 | 09:00

Border forces Netherlands and UK intensify contacts

Now that the United Kingdom has left the European Union, the Dutch border force (Koninklijke Marechausse) is intensifying ...

News item | 06-02-2020 | 18:18

First direct Eurostar from Amsterdam to London welcomed by Dutch Ambassador in UK

The first direct Eurostar service from Amsterdam to London - without additional security checks in Brussels - arrived at St ...

News item | 06-02-2020 | 18:09

Gazan women in IT: doing what you love

Ghada Ibrahim is 33 years old and a senior management member at Gaza Sky Geeks - the leading co-working space, startup ...

News item | 06-02-2020 | 14:03

Corona virus - Vietnam update 05/02/2020

The Vietnamese government announced today that travelers from China, regardless of their nationality, traveling to Vietnam with ...

News item | 05-02-2020 | 10:39

Israeli Women in Business: ‘Just do it!’

Tamar Schapira is an entrepreneur in Israel and co-founder of the company SenseIT. The company’s goal is to make the digital ...

News item | 04-02-2020 | 13:53

Corona virus - Vietnam update 04/02/2020

The Vietnamese government has announced that travelers - including foreigners - entering Vietnam from China ...

News item | 04-02-2020 | 11:07

Travel restrictions to Australia relating to Novel Coronavirus

The Australian government has announced that as of 1 February 2020, all travellers arriving from any part of mainland China, ...

News item | 03-02-2020 | 06:02

Travel restrictions to New Zealand relating to Novel CoronaVirus

The New Zealand Government has placed temporary entry restrictions into New Zealand on all foreign nationals travelling from, or ...

News item | 03-02-2020 | 02:34