From 16 March no rapid test required for drivers staying less than 48 hours in UK

From 16 March, lorry drivers who have spent less than 48 hours in the United Kingdom no longer need to undergo a rapid test before returning to the Netherlands. The period spent in the UK begins when the ferry arrives there and ends when it departs. It is the driver's responsibility to limit their stay in the UK to a maximum of 48 hours and to provide evidence of this. Any delays will not be deducted. If in doubt, drivers are advised to take a rapid test before departure. More information on test locations for lorry drivers in the UK can be found here.

Proving length of stay in UK

To show that they were in the UK for less than 48 hours, drivers can present, for example, the ferry ticket for their journey to the UK from the Netherlands or France. The ticket must bear the driver’s name and the ferry’s departure time. The table below shows, for various routes, the maximum number of hours that can elapse between departing for the UK and the start of the return journey to the Netherlands. The time difference between the Netherlands and the UK should be taken into account. Ferry operators will use this information to check whether drivers can return to the Netherlands without a rapid test. Drivers are allowed to leave the UK from a different port to the one they arrived at.

Image: ©RVO / NL Branding