Digital Food Tech mission to Singapore, Matchmaking sessions (Investors & Business Partners), 12 & 24 November, 2020

Dutch start-ups and scaleups will make the virtual journey to Singapore on 12 & 24 November 2020 to attend the Digital Food Tech mission. In online sessions and through a digital interactive platform facilitated by The Startup Buddy, participants will meet experts and investors, expand their network and discuss the future of food.

If you want to meet, connect and partner with these top food tech companies from The Netherlands this will be your chance! 

Register yourself to join on November 12th to watch the food tech startups from The Netherlands pitch live. Furthermore there will be multiple expert speakers on November 12th and 24th from the food tech industry and government in Singapore. 

General Program
Are you interested in joining the live pitches and the general program on 12 & 24 November, please sign up here.

Investor Speed Dating 
Are you an investor in the food tech sector?
Please register here for the Investor Speed dating session on Nov 12th.

Business Partner Matchmaking 
Do you want to collaborate with the Dutch Food Techs?
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Thursday 12 November 2020

Start 08:30hrs (NL-time)/15:30hrs (SG-time)

  • Welcome by the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Singapore, H.E. Margriet Vonno
  • Presentation : Food trends and consumer behavior in South East Asia by Kantar.
  • 5 Pitches of Dutch participating companies (Demo Day, part I)
  • Presentation: Experience of setting up and running a startup in SG by Sophie’s BioNutrients
  • Presentation: SG Food & Agriculture Ecosystem by Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI)
  • 5 Pitches of Dutch participating companies (Demo Day, part II)

End 11:00hrs (NL-time)/18:00hrs (SG-time)

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Investor Speed Dating 
Start 11:30hrs (NL-time/18:30hrs (SG-time)

Meet, connect and partner with the top food tech companies from The Netherlands

Are you a private or professional investor with investments in food tech companies? Register and join! In 1,5 hours you will be able to meet the founders of our Dutch Food Tech startups in 1-to-1 sessions, learn more about them, their products and companies. Seats are limited and reserved for investors that best match with the participating food tech startups. Please register here.

Please provide any details during registration that help us assess that match or email us if you have questions at

Tuesday 24 November 2020
Start 08:30hrs (NL-time)/15:30hrs (SG-time)

  • Welcome by Sabine Poelmann (Netherlands Embassy)
  • Presentation: Why does Singapore has what it takes for your business to thrive? What vital and significant role does Singapore has in the region? By Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)  
  • Presentation: Introduction Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) to Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI)
  • Presentation: Overview on investment interest in food and agro-tech, by David Toh, Deputy Director at SGInnovate

End 09:45hrs (NL-time)/16:45hrs (SG-time)

Business Partner Matchmaking session
Start 10:00hrs (NL-time)/17:00hrs (SG-time)

Meet, connect and partner with the top food tech companies from The Netherlands.

Are you professionally active in any aspect of the food sector and interested to meet our Dutch Food Tech companies? Register and join!
Based on your match with the participating Dutch Food Tech startups and scaleups we will schedule you for 1-to-1 conversations with the entrepreneurs to learn more about their businesses and explore collaborations.

Please register here.

Seats are limited and reserved for potential partners that best match. Please provide any details during registration that help us assess that match or email us if you have questions at


Mosa Meat
Mosa Meat is a European food technology company pioneering a cleaner, kinder way of feeding the world. We are harnessing the natural processes responsible for muscle growth in a cow, to produce the same beef that people love, but that’s kinder to animals, people, and the environment.

Protifarm is an Agri-Tech scale up which produces sustainable functional ingredients for the food industry, obtained from insects. In a fully automated vertical farm on an industrial scale and using distinctive patented processing processes, the larvae of the Alphitobius diaperinus (buffalo beetle) are converted into functional ingredients for the food industry.

Meatable aims to satisfy the world’s appetite for meat without harming people, animals or the planet, by developing, producing and marketing cultivated meat

Bjorn Burgers
BJÖRNBURGERS® aims at becoming the vegetarian McDonald’s of the future. Our unique selling points are the recipes and the efficient preparation methods. In only 5 minutes we can deliver a full menu with a veggie burger that cannot be distinguished from a real meat burger, according to 80% of our customers

Gro together
GRO makes delicious vegan, vegetarian and blended (hybrid) products from those tasty, versatile and circularly grown oyster mushrooms. All our oyster mushrooms are grown on coffee grounds, the residual product of your cup of coffee. We collect these coffee grounds at restaurants, hotels and catering companies.

Fumi Ingredients             
We are bringing groundbreaking, scalable and ready to use technology to the market to remove the egg from our food-system. We have been developing egg-replacers based on natural micro-organisms since 2015 and have started scaling up our technology since mid- 2019 to provide  ingredients for our clients.

Providing preserved mushrooms, beefy semi-finished products for vegan application and vegan/ vegetarian products.            

EV Biotech
EV Biotech is a biotechnology company that creates microbial production platforms for high-value chemicals and proteins. Our so-called microbial cell factories (MCFs) provide effective, bio-based alternatives to conventional chemical-synthetic, fossil fuel-dependent production processes. MCFs can produce sustainable, bio-based compounds for different target markets including Flavours & Fragrances, Biomaterials and Pharmaceuticals.

Upprinting food              
Upprinting Food is focused on 3D printing food from residual food flows. We enable restaurants to 3D print their own food in personalized shapes, which we make in co-creation with the chefs. Furthermore, we help chefs with easy recipes based on e.g. old bread, fruit, vegetables, to reduce food-waste in their restaurant and to create a beautiful dining experience for their guests. This way, they not only reduce their own residuals, they also inspire their guest to be more creative with the food products which they often throw away.

A producer of bean-based meat substitutes

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