One Facebook page for the Netherlands Embassy and Consulate General in Australia

From 1 September 2020 the Dutch diplomatic missions in Australia will share one joint Facebook page, called “Netherlands Embassy and Consulate General in Australia”. The URL will remain, the same as the current “Embassy of the Netherlands in Australia” page. The Facebook page of the Consulate General in Sydney will be deactivated.

One Team - One Facebook page

Consul General Frank van Beuningen explains why the Embassy and Consulate General have decided to use only one Facebook page: “We are one team, with one mission: to represent the interests of the Netherlands in Australia. It makes perfect sense to have one go-to Facebook page for Dutch nationals who want to visit, live, work, study or do business in Australia, as well as Australian nationals who want to do the same in the Netherlands.”

Mr Van Beuningen urges all followers, in particular consular customers, to follow the “Netherlands Embassy and Consulate General in Australia” Facebook page.
“On this Facebook page we will, besides other regular topics, publish all relevant updates about the services of our consular section in Sydney”, the Consul General said, “as well as consular updates about Dutch passport and visa applications, nationality matters and other consular affairs.“

More consular information about passports, visa, ID cards & consular certificates can be found on  (in Dutch), and  (in English)

Last month, the Consulate General launched a new LinkedIn page, to promote trade & investment between the Netherlands and Australia.