Coronavirus - Going on holiday abroad: countries whose borders are open

Last updated on 28 July 2020

Since mid-june 2020 travel to a large number of EU/Schengen area countries is possible. The travel advisory for these countries has been downgraded from orange (holiday travel is not advisable) to yellow (holiday travel is possible, travellers should remain alert to the risks).

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Kaart van Europa met kleuren en lijnen
Travel advisories as of Tuesday 28 July 2020

Countries to which holiday travel is possible

Holiday travel to the following countries is possible, but be aware that risks still remain. Countries may reintroduce strict measures to combat a resurgence of coronavirus. Click on the links below to see the travel advisory (in Dutch):

Countries to which holiday travel is not advisable

The travel advisories for Bulgaria (Dutch), Romania (Dutch), Sweden  (Dutch) and Croatia (Dutch) for the time being will remain orange. This is because of the public health situation in these countries. If you still decide to travel there, you are strongly advised to self-quarantine for 14 days immediately after returning to the Netherlands.

Countries to which holiday travel will be possible as soon as borders reopen

A number of countries have yet to make decisions on when to start admitting holidaymakers from the Netherlands. These are (Dutch):

These countries are expected to make a decision in the next few weeks.

Travelling outside Europe

For countries outside Europe, the travel advisories remain orange. This means that holiday travel outside Europe is not advisable. The travel advisories for some countries outside Europe are expected to be changed to yellow within the next few weeks. So continue to keep an eye on them.

Be aware: risks remain

Even when holiday travel is possible, risks remain. If the number of coronavirus infections increases sharply, countries may reintroduce strict measures. The situation can change suddenly. Please bear this in mind when making travel plans.

Prepare well for you trip

If you plan on travelling abroad, read the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advisory for your destination before you leave (Dutch). That way, you will know if you can travel to the country and what the current situation is on the ground.

Find out what rules apply in the country, for example on face masks and physical distancing – in some countries, the minimum distance is 2 metres, rather than 1.5 metres as in the Netherlands – as well as the situation regarding restaurants, museums and tourist attractions.

If you are not able to find this information, contact your travel agent, hotel, campsite, or B&B or the tourist information office or local authorities in the place you plan to visit.

Travel App and FAQs

Keep checking the country’s travel advisory (Dutch) and download the BZ Travel App (Dutch) Add a country to ‘favourites’ in the app to receive an alert if the travel advisory for a country changes.

24/7 BZ Contact Centre

If you cannot find an answer in the frequently asked questions section, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24/7 Contact Centre on +31 247 247 247.