AppHarvest: ‘The Dutch helped us to reach out’

There are opportunities for Dutch business worldwide if you search for them well. Our USA network found the promising start-up AppHarvest in the hills of Kentucky. An unexpected place, but a perfect match!

AppHarvest works in horticulture innovation. Future cooperation with Dutch companies seemed promising. As a result, AppHarvest joined the Global Entrepreneurship Summit GES in the Netherlands in 2019.

Tile AppHarvest visit delegation to Greenhouse 2030 in Bleiswijk. (foto: pr)
In February 2020, AppHarvest came over again. They visited the universities of Wageningen, Maastricht, Eindhoven and Venlo, and various Dutch companies active in horticulture. Jonathan Webb, who founded AppHarvest in Kentucky, is enthusiastic. (photo: pr)

A resilient economy for the future

'Founded in the Appalachian region of the United States, where we farm is as meaningful as how we farm. AppHarvest is building some of the world's largest indoor farms to grow non-genetically modified, chemical-free produce.

We strive to help build a resilient economy for the future to replace one long dominated by the now-collapsed coal industry. By locating within Appalachia, we are also less than a day’s drive to more than two-thirds of the American population. That lowers transportation costs by eighty per cent, allowing our fresher produce to better compete against low-cost foreign imports.'

GES: Once-in-a-lifetime

'In 2019, we attended and spoke at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the Netherlands. A once-in-a-lifetime experience! It connected our staff to so many outstanding contacts who have helped us expand our vision and rapidly scale.

Of course, we are creating a market in the Appalachians for numerous Dutch companies. But they are the world leaders in the field of horticulture! It’s been such a positive and rewarding experience for us, and I am convinced it is for them too.'

AppHarvest Kentucky (USA) greenhouse Dalsem foto pr
The greenhouse complex from AppHarvest in Kentucky (US) under construction. (photo: pr)