'Let’s talk about Plastics' webinar

“We should not demonize plastic, but we need to use it in a more responsible way”. From top down to bottom up, we see: support and lobby growing, great initiatives being taken, the regulatory framework improving, and of course a lot of challenges ahead of us. More and more people from public and private sector realize that this can be a (commercial) win – (environmental) win. But first and foremost, we need to “start doing things”.

These are our impressions from the webinar “Let’s talk about Plastics”, organized by Innovo/Polish Circular Hotspot on 28 May 2020.

We encourage you to read the report that was launched during the event: “Plastics in a closed-loop economy".

Dutch speakers shared their expertise and initiatives on Plastics:

  • Freek van Eijk (Managing Director of Holland Circular Hotspot),
  • Philip Ehrhorn (The Great Bubble Barrier) and
  • Marius Smit (Plastic Whale).

You can watch the webinar on youtube. The presentation of our Economic Counsellor, Sanne Kaasjager, on Plastics Pact NL and European Plastics Pact can be found here.

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