Second Anglo-Dutch Business Webinar in times of COVID-19

The Dutch Embassy in London and the British Embassy in The Hague held a second Anglo-Dutch Business Webinar on 30 April 2020 to inform Dutch and British entrepreneurs about measures available to support businesses during the coronacrisis. Both in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom, governments have introduced support packages for businesses experiencing a significant negative impact from the lockdown.

Combined image: (video still) and Dutch Embassy UK (images of Ambassadors)
Anglo-Dutch Business Webinar by Ambassadors Peter Wilson and Simon Smits

Following a successful first webinar on 9 April, entrepreneurs from the UK and the Netherlands trading across the North Sea were given a second opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns about the coronacrisis with Simon Smits, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, and his opposite number Peter Wilson, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Netherlands. Participants posed questions about a myriad of topics, including travel restrictions, the impact of restrictions on supply chains, support packages for SMEs, immigration, the Brexit transition period and whether any details were available on lockdown exit strategies.

Third webinar to follow soon

A third Anglo-Dutch Business Webinar is already in the making. Companies that have joined previous webinars, will be invited again. If your company also trades between the Netherlands and the UK, but you are not yet on our guest list, please send us an email stating your name, company name, the sector you operate in and your contact details. We will make sure to invite you to our the third webinar.

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