Business update - Update on relevant corona related measures in place in Kenya

The outbreak of COVID-19 has consequences for entrepreneurs doing business in or with Kenya. Like many other countries, Kenya has imposed a range of measures aimed at halting the spread of COVID-19 in the country. These measures may also impact businesses in Kenya and trade with the Netherlands. This article provides you with further information on corona related measures that may impact your business or business activities in Kenya.  

Important Note: Owing to changing nature of the COVID pandemic, the current situation and government measures in place are continuously evolving. Please continue to update yourself on the must current state of affairs, including by verifying information with the relevant business associations or the Business Emergency Response Centre of the Kenyan Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development (to be contacted through Tel.: +254-110922066 or by sending an email to

Update on Corona related measures taken by the Government of Kenya

Please find below some useful information provided by the Government of Kenya on COVID-19 related measures taken:

  • The Kenyan Ministry of Health is the main source of information regarding Covid-19 in Kenya. It publishes daily updates on the spread of the virus and communicates the most important information regarding containment of the virus on their ‘corona page’. For more information, visit: .
  • Answers to frequently asked questions by businesses on the topic of the curfew and travel restrictions as published by the Government of Kenya can be found here:
  • The Kenyan Directorate of Immigration Services has issued information on services provided to foreign nationals, see document below.
  • The Public Health Act (COVID-19 restrictions of movement of persons an related measures) as gazette in Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 41 provides detailed information on restrictions of movement and other COVID-19 measures, see document below.
  • The Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) has issued a directive on fresh farm produce dealership transport stickers and passes (14 April 2020), see document below.
  • The Kenya Invest Authority (KenInvest) published information on how it will continue to provide services to investors in times of corona. For more information, visit: .
  • The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has opened a 24-hour call center and information portal for business. For more information, visit: .

Communication from Kenya Revenue Authority

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) notified tax payers per email that: “As the Country [Kenya] faces this global health challenge, all citizens are called upon to play their part. Therefore, we are encouraging all taxpayers to continue paying all taxes due to support the Government in provision of critical services. Taxpayers are required to determine correctly their tax liability and remit the same in a timely manner.

On its part, KRA will continue supporting individuals and businesses in accessing our services to ensure all taxes are paid in a timely manner at this critical time. KRA will decisively handle any matter that pertains to deliberate non-payment of taxes. In the event that a taxpayer is not able to honour the agreed payment plan, it's mandatory that the same is reviewed and agreed with our debt team.

KRA appreciates that taxpayers are required to provide proof of transaction in response to VAT inconsistency reports. Taxpayers are supposed to submit documents and in some instances appear in person at our premises. This is not tenable in the current environment. To mitigate this, KRA has deferred the physical submission of documents and appearance before our teams. Taxpayers will be duly notified of when they can appear in person. In the interim, taxpayers are advised to submit evidence of transactions through

We are also encouraging taxpayers to access our tax services on our online platforms.

For additional support, call our KRA Contact Centre on Tel: 020 4 999 999, 0711 099 999 or Email: “

Information provided by the Embassy of the Netherlands

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Kenya will continue to update you on the latest (corona related) information that may impact your business. Regular updates are posted on our website ( and social media channels, such as twitter and the facebook page ‘Embassy of the Netherlands in Kenya’.

For inquiries related to the impact of corona measures on your business, feel free to email For any other inquiries, thank you for emailing

As we are monitoring how the Netherlands government and private sector are contributing to covid-19 related initiatives in Kenya, we thank you in advances for letting us know if your company is involved in covid-19 related support initiatives by sending an email to

The Embassy the Netherlands looks forward to continuing to work towards the strengthening of economic relations between Kenya and the Netherlands and to supporting businesses in the process.