Important Information Domestic Travel New Zealand

NZ government announced that after midnight Friday 27 March(23.59) domestic travel will only be permitted for the transport of people undertaking essential services and the transport of freight. Non-essential service travellers will not be permitted to take domestic flights to connect with international flights after this time. A domestic flight to point of international departure is not considered essential travel in the current environment. Please refer to

Public transport is only available for those working in essential services, and for medical reasons. Travellers will need to check with public transport providers in their locations about options for travelling to the airport. Note that travelling by private vehicle to the airport is allowed.

Auckland International Airport is only open for travellers with a valid passport and a confirmed international airline ticket that is valid through to the final destination. Should airline tickets include international transfer/ transit points which have been placed under restriction/s or closed by third governments, passengers will not be permitted to depart given the possible risk of return to New Zealand. Please make sure you check that all transit points for your journey are still possible.

For flight tickets back to the Netherlands we strongly advise you to only book these by recognized travel centers or directly from the airlines, there are still commercial flight options. However there are also tickets circulating online with transits which are not possible any more. 

Please note:  Exemptions for transit in Australia remain possible on a case by case basis. Please visit for more information and contact the Dutch Embassy by email if you experience issues with the exemption.