Applying for a passport or ID card in the Boston area on 22 April 2020

The consular team from the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York will be visiting the honorary consul in Winchester, MA on 22 April 2020, where you will be able to apply for a Dutch passport or ID card.

Making an appointment

Send an email by April 17 to the consulate in New York via State in your email the names of the applicants that you would like to make an appointment for. You will receive an email with instructions stating the time of your appointment.

Required documents

Create a personal checklist for each person on the ‘Applying for a passport or ID card’ page via the following link:

The checklist will tell you which documents you need to bring to the appointment.


When you submit your application, payment must be made by Money order payable to the “Embassy of the Netherlands”.

See the overview of consular tariffs in United States for information on the cost of a passport or ID card:

You will receive further instructions with your appointment confirmation.