Strengthening Women Entrepreneurship Vietnam

Vietnamese women have made increasing and considerable contributions to the national socio-economic development. However, Vietnamese women in general, and the female entrepreneurs in particular, are facing many challenges and the gender gap in business and life. In order to foster Vietnamese female entrepreneurs narrow the gap, the Dutch government has funded the project "Strengthening Women Entrepreneurship Vietnam - SWEV”, which aims to enhance the capabilities of the women business associations and their members in developing their business and expanding to new markets. This project is supported by PUM Netherlands senior experts, organized by Vietnam Insight, together with Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council (VWEC), Hanoi Association for Women Entrepreneurs (HNEW), Ho Chi Minh City Association For Women Executives & Entrepreneurs (HAWEE).

SWEV project comprises of 5 core activities, including (1) SMEs Capacity Enhancement trainings, (2) Training in Business Strategy – Export Development Plan – Market Research, (3) Coaching women entrepreneurs in developing Business Strategy – Export Development Plan - Market Research, (4) Networking events and (5) Study tour to the Netherlands. These correlative activities are expected to enhance the capabilities of the women associations, and they therefore will guide and support their members to develop their businesses competences. The implementation of SWEV project involves the participations of the associations, as well as their small and medium enterprises members, who are active in the fields of industrial, agricultural, consumer retail or export.

Since the launching event and training session in September 2019, many activities have been held in different provinces in Vietnam, attracting the participation of key executives of the women entrepreneur associations and 20-60 company leaders  for each event. Trainers are Dutch and local consultants for business strategies and export development. The interactive and inspirational training sessions are customised for the participants to acknowledge entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, exchange practical experiences and generate new business ideas amongst themselves. In addition, the Dutch consultants also provide tailor-made consultancy to the development of business strategy or market research. As the result, a number of business strategy plans as well as domestic and international market research plans have been developed by the entrepreneurs to support their businesses.

Strenghtening Women Entrepreneurs Vietnam

The seminar in product marking in Ben Tre - SWEV project

Strenthening Women Entrepreneurs Vietnam

The networking activity in HCMC - SWEV project

The last activity of the learning journey is a study tour to the Netherlands this February. A delegation from Vietnam, including female entrepreneurs, association executives and government representatives, will have meeting and networking with Dutch associations and organisations such as PUM Netherlands Senior Experts, VNO NCW, Taskforce Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, Sustainable Economic Development Department, The Netherlands Vietnam Horti Business Platform, Women Entrepreneurs Netherlands and companies such as KP Holland, AH Vos, Lidl, Royal Flora Holland, Women on Wings, to name a few.

The SWEV project along with other projects fostering women entrepreneurship are in line with the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals that both Vietnam and the Netherlands are committed to. These may open up the opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs as well as for the development of Vietnam into a sustainable economy that benefits everyone.