Vacancy announcement in Nur-Sultan: Consular affairs officer/receptionist/telephonist

The Embassy has a vacancy opening for the position of Consular affairs officer/receptionist/telephone operator (temporary position for 2 years).

Job profile

Date: January 15, 2020


Job title                                                :          Consular affairs officer/receptionist/telephonist

Mission:                                               :          Nur-Sultan

Number of hours                                :           40 hours

Salary                                                 :           340.118,00 KZT gross per annum, plus benefits (e.g.                                                                    medical allowance, 13th month)

Contract Period                                  :           2 years
Contract type                                     :           Locally Engaged Staff

Starting Date                                      :           1 April 2020

Closing Date for applications             :           4 February 2020

He/she provides clerical and logistic support for the mission’s consular services and business processes. He/she also works as a receptionist and telephonist.
In the field of consular affairs, the officer’s duties mainly consist of performing front office activities related to consular services. In addition, the consular affairs duties consists of delivering assistance and support Dutch nationals in need within the three countries of accreditation of the embassy (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan). If relevant, this will be done in liaison with the Honorary Consuls in Almaty, Bishkek or Dushanbe. On occasion, this may occur outside regular office hours and at short notice. He/She represents the embassy in contacts with nationals, officials of the hosts’ countries or other interlocutors and builds a network of relevant contacts.

The officer is accountable to the Deputy Head of Mission for the accuracy of the information provided and the correct application and implementation of the legislation, procedures and instructions in force. Relevant legislation, instructions and guidelines are important to perform duties properly. The consular affairs officer must make sure to be aware of and follow the most recent regulations at all times. The officer receives and checks consular applications and submits them to the Dutch Foreign Ministry.

Other tasks may consist of, among others, welcoming guests, setting up/assigning conference rooms, translation work and replacing the Personal Assistant of the Ambassador and Deputy Head of Mission during her absence. Special attention will need to be placed to the sensitive nature of the consular tasks in relation to privacy and/or security aspects.


1. Consular support (clerical and logistic)

2. Reception


C.1      Consular support (clerical and logistic)

  • Providing clerical support in processing applications for travel documents, visas and authorisations for temporary stay;
  • checking that documents are complete and entering information relating to applications in the various computerised systems;
  • providing general, factual information and issuing guidelines and advice (orally and in writing) on applications for travel documents, visas and authorisations for temporary stay;
  • administering the consular records by creating, organising, storing, weeding and maintaining physical files and documents;
  • draft and issue consular declarations for Dutch citizens;
  • registration appointments for Civic Integration Examinations and taking the Examinations;
  • making notes in internal consular registration system;
  • visit prisoners;

C. 2.  Reception

  • Greeting visitors and telling them where they need to be;
  • answering the phone and putting calls through;
  • operating the central telephone system;
  • taking receipt of packages and goods and informing the person to whom they are addressed of their arrival;
  • providing general information to visitors;
  • incorporating clerical data into a summary;
  • assessing the importance and urgency of incoming correspondence and, on his/her own initiative and at his/her own discretion, appending information that is needed in order to deal with it;
  • spotting irregularities and informing the person in charge or taking action him/herself.
  • translation of documents from or into English, Russian or Kazakh;
  • assistance with following up contacts with government agencies;
  • data input and maintaining Access Database;
  • draft and answer basic consular questions from the public;
  • preparation of National Day Reception.



  • The consular affairs officer/receptionist/telephonist is accountable to the deputy head of mission for his/her approach to and the progress and quality of his/her consular, clerical and logistic duties and for his/her work as a receptionist.
  • The internal management clerical and procedural implementing regulations apply.
  • The consular affairs officer/receptionist/telephonist takes decisions about collecting, organising, correcting and processing information and about allowing people, packages etc. into the mission.



  • With third parties, to obtain and provide information on the content and progress of clerical processing of cases;
  • with ministerial and interministerial agencies/institutions (including the Dutch Consular Affairs and Migration Policy Departments (DCM) and the Immigration and Naturalisation Services (IND), to provide or obtain further information);
  • with third parties and visitors about visits, putting calls through, etc. to share information.



  • Knowledge of internal clerical and procedural regulations relating to the area in question;
  • practical knowledge of relevant local regulations and customs;
  • understanding of internal clerical procedures, work instructions and formal rules on competence and procedures, as well as the organisation’s duties, structure and way of working;
  • skill in creating and keeping files;
  • skill in using the relevant computerised and other consular systems;
  • practical knowledge of the application of available aids;
  • skill in dealing with clients.
  • knowledge of the English, Kazakh and Russian languages (written and spoken).



  • Ability to work with others;
  • Client orientation;
  • Ability to plan and organise;
  • Ability to cope with stress;
  • Commitment to quality and details;
  • Integrity and respect;



  • Minimum pre-vocational secondary level. (degree/diploma of a recognized institution)
  • Recent work experience (at least 2 years of accumulated experience acquired within the last 5 years) is required in:
    - a customer servicing role responding to inquiries from the public, providing advice and services to clients;
    - an administrative role establishing and maintaining filing systems and accurate records.
  • Fluent English, Kazakh, Russian languages (written and spoken)
  • Preferably the candidate also has knowledge of local institutions and civil documentations (identity, education, employment).


The embassy consists of an office in Nur-Sultan and an office in Almaty. In summer 2020, both offices will be integrated into one office in Nur-Sultan. The office in Nur-Sultan is currently shared with the embassy of Belgium until 31 May 2020. In Nur-Sultan, as of summer 2020, there are three expatriate staff members, and a team of eleven locally engaged employees. The locally engaged staff consists of policy officers (five), administrative staff (four) and drivers (two). Many of the consular tasks are delegated to support organizations as part of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other Schengen embassies in the three countries of the resort of the embassy.



The consular affairs officer/receptionist/telephonist is in many cases the first contact between third parties and the embassy. Therefore, it is of great importance to have a friendly, customer focused and positive attitude, while managing clients’ expectations in a realistic manner. In view of the diversity of the job the consular affairs officer is a flexible and pro-active person who has the ability to react to - and solve problems. She/he works well under pressure and has a high degree of social intelligence, which will enable her/him to develop excellent working relations with both internal as external counterparts of the embassy and consular customers in particular.



For more information, please contact:

Deputy Head of Mission, Ms. Nora Dessing, tel. +7 7172 555450 (general phone number of the embassy) or email


The position is open to internal and external candidates, who are legal residents or citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who meet the requirements and whose applications are received by the closing date of 4 February 2020.

Interested candidates can email their cover letter and CV in English to

The Government of the Netherlands is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from diverse sections of the community. Candidates will be considered on merit regardless of ethnic origin, religious belief, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other irrelevant factor.

Candidates will be screened against the required qualifications relating to education, experience and language. Candidates should explain clearly how they meet these qualifications in their cover letter (max 1 page A4) and CV (max 2 pages A4) . Methods of assessment may include, but are not limited to, a written examination, an oral interview, role-play, practical tests, presentations and or psychometric assessment. Travel costs to and from interviews/exams will not be reimbursed, nor will any relocation costs.