New Zealand floodings South Island

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade notes that severe weather activity has caused a number of road closures and slips in the South Island which are affecting significant numbers of people including foreign nationals.

In particular, Westland District Council Civil Defence Emergency Management (WDC CDEM) has reported that a number of foreign national tourists are currently unable to depart destinations on the West Coast due to road closures.  In particular this affects tourists stranded at Franz Joseph and Fox Glacier.  

Regional response agencies are working to restore road links and enable tourists to continue their journeys. WDC CDEM and the local community are caring for these foreign nationals and report that all are safe and well. Foreign nationals should continue to follow the guidance of Civil Defence and emergency services.

Updates on the situation and response are available on the West Coast Civil Defence website and Facebook page and the New Zealand Transport Agency website for road closures.

The Canterbury region has also been impacted by severe weather events which have impacted a number of foreign nationals, particularly in the Timaru region. Relevant Facebook pages for information on these events are ; ;