The hottest Dutch startups are coming to Slush

Slush, one of the largest startup and tech events in the world, takes place on 21 & 22 November 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. The Netherlands is bringing a trade mission with innovative tech startups  who are ready for the next step.

Dutch Spirit

Why startups and scale-ups choose the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for its vibrant startup scene and its strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. There are several reasons why startups and scale-ups choose the Netherlands.

Strategic location, competitive fiscal climate, multilingual workforce, and overall international business climate, to name a few. But also cultural reasons such as a creative and innovative environment and exceptional quality of life make the Netherlands the startup hub of Europe.

That’s why Finnish Sales intelligence platform Vainu , one of Europe’s fastest growing SaaS companies, has chosen to expand their business to the Netherlands. “Dutch people are open for new ideas, they are often early adopters. The Netherlands is the gateway to other places. It serves as a hub”, says Mikko Honkanen, CEO and Co-Founder of Vainu.

After the financial crisis in 2008, the country has also found growth from startups. Today, startups are the leading job growth engine in the Netherlands, growing faster than any individual sector with over 4000 home-grown tech companies and 19,700 new jobs added in two years.

Why the Netherlands

Prince Constantijn coming to Helsinki

As Special Envoy at (formerly known as StartupDelta) Prince Constantijn has been one of the strongest advocates for the Dutch startup community. Prince Constantijn is traveling to Helsinki to participate in Slush.

Discover the Dutch Spirit at the Techleap Lounge at Slush

The Netherlands offers talented people from all over the globe the opportunity to communicate, create, explore, grow and live like a successful innovator. At Slush the Netherlands presents some of the hottest tech startups the country has to offer. Technologies designed to improve your day to day activities. Visit the Techleap Lounge and discover the #dutchspirit.

At the Techleap Lounge, you’ll be able to learn more about the intricacies of the Dutch startup ecosystem. Meet the Netherlands Point of Entry, several hubs and incubators who help talented entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the world to set up shop by understanding your wishes, creating a smooth transition and introducing you to the Dutch startup community.

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The Techleap Lounge is brought to Slush in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Finland,
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO and

For further information, please contact:

Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands
Ilona Jääskeläinen-Overduin, Communications & Public Diplomacy Officer / 040 569 2161

Venla Virkamäki, Senior Policy Officer for Trade & Innovation / 040 569 9899

The following Dutch startups are joining Slush:

Expivi: Expivi is an online 3D product configurator to show products in real 3D, 360° and even in VR and AR: no more multiple product images from different angles!
BeMup: BeMup provides an alternative to a private car. With a BeMup subscription, you can order a ride 24/7 and you’ll be on your way within 5 minutes.
Ubiqu: Ubiqu has revolutionized digital identification by adding the same level of assurance to every digital transaction, as if displaying an ID in person.
Blockbird: Blockbird is an #AI and #blockchain powered personalized news aggregation platform.
Mobina IT: Mobina developed a unique software management control tool for the manufacturing industry to help companies to stay competitive, digitize and innovate.
MiniBrew: MiniBrew changes the way you consume beer. Discover, brew and share fresh local craft beer via a simple app controlled machine.
Serious VR: Serious VR develops and licenses VR Trainings and VR Assessments for operators in the industry and provides performance insights with its VR Training Performance Analytics Platform.
AlarmSecur: The iOT platform of integrates any sensor triggered device (like an alarm system) with CCTV and will send push notification to your phone 13 seconds video + 2 seconds before the sensor was triggered
TreeTech: The Po!nt Game Controller is the latest revolution in game controllers. TreeTech introduces the accuracy of mouse and keyboard to a game controller in the most modular way possible!
Cloudwhale: Accessible gaming for people of all abilities (gaming, accessibility)
BlockHeating: to heat greenhouses all year round by using the flexible residual heat from computer servers (sustainable, innovative energy solution).
Nori Health: have regular conversations with Nori whenever you want to and from any device. She helps you to understand and change your lifestyle behavior when living with Crohn’s, Colitis or IBS. To decrease any symptoms, and improve your overall quality of life. (medtech, chatbot)
Niluk app: Reduce loneliness, increase happiness. Find your new best friends, offline. Niluk app is a social network app that facilitates meaningful social contact among young adults. (medtech, social)
The School of House: Education platform for dance culture, electronic music and dance events.
SwipeGuide: The next industry standard for digital work instruction software. They believe that creating intelligent instructions should be effortless.
Code Sandbox: An online editor that helps you create web applications, from prototype to deployment.