Vacature Senior Internal Affairs

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome, Italy, invites applicants for the position of Senior Internal Affairs Officer (38 hours per week).

Basic details of the job

Job title: Senior Internal Affairs Officer

Mission: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome, Italy

Job level: 07

Number of working hours per week: 38

General features of the job

The main duties of the Senior Internal Affairs officer are:

- Financial and administrative duties.
- Human Resources  (contracts, salary payments, rules/regulations etc.)
- Housing for expat staff.
- Technical support.
- IT support in close contact with the IT department at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).
- Trouble shooter.

Consular support possibly after regular working hours.
- The Senior Internal Affairs Officer is accountable to the Operational Manager

General duties (More specific duties will be discussed during the interview.

Description of duties:
Financial duties:
- Responsible for timely payments and the administration.
- Financial Accounting.
- Duties concerning Local staff
- Keeps record of changes in existing rules and regulations regarding both Italian and Dutch legislation concerning local staff.
- Keeps record of the Ministry’s procedures regarding employment (hiring/dismissal/retirement) of local staff.
- Keeps record of working conditions of local and expat staff.
- Housing expat staff
- Supports expat staff on all housing issues.
- Keeps contact with landlords, real estate agents, Embassy lawyer.
- Prepares lease agreements in accordance with the MFA’s instructions and the Italian law.
- Technical support and assistance
- assists with technical and practical problems at the Embassy and Residences of the Ambassadors
- contact person for the local Italian maintenance company and the maintenance department of the MFA in The Hague.

IT tasks:
- First contact in cases of IT problems for the staff (Embassy PC’s, printers, multifunctionals)  and for the IT Department of the MFA in The Hague.
- General support of the Operational Manager
- Keeps the Operational Manager informed and prepared on changing legislation and procedures.
- Is aware of rules and regulations of the MFA in the Hague.
- Consular telephone duties in rotation system (average of once in every 8 weeks)

-With Operational Manager for continuous information on daily work;
- With all staff members of the Embassy;
- With colleagues at the Consulate of the Netherlands in Milan and the Permanent Mission of the Netherlands in Rome;
- With the ICT and other relevant departments at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands;
- With maintenance and other relevant companies in Italy and the Netherlands;
- With cleaning staff.

Knowledge & skills / job requirements

Level of education: bachelor degree or equivalent

Knowledge and skills:

- Languages: Dutch, Italian and English. Native: Dutch or Italian. Other two languages level B1;
- ICT knowledge;
- Knowledge of Italian rules and regulations regarding employment and housing;
- Skills:
- Excellent team player with customer support skills;
- Effective communication skills;
- Ability to balance the interests of the organization with those of clients;
- Ability to remain calm, friendly and efficient under all circumstances;
- Ability to work in an organized, detailed and precise manner;


- Integrity;
- Flexibility;
- Initiative;
- Planning and organization;
- Result orientation;
- Accuracy;
- Ability to handle stress
- Clarity of expression, verbally and in writing.
-Bachelor degree.
- At least 3 years of work experience in a similar working environment.

Working Environment

Brief description of the Mission.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome is one of the larger diplomatic missions of the Netherlands abroad (more than 35 staff members). Next to the Foreign Affairs diplomats, representatives of the Ministries of Security&Justice, Defense and Agriculture are stationed also in the Embassy. The Management Team consists of the Ambassador, the Deputy Head of Mission and the Operational Manager. The Senior Internal Affairs Officer is a member of the Division for Internal and Consular Affairs (ICA) in the embassy. Head of this division is the Operational Manager. Next to the Operational Manager 9 colleagues work in this division. The senior Internal Affairs officer is accountable to the Operational Manager.

Type of Employee required

- A service oriented, proactive, person who co-operates well in a small team.
- The right candidate should be able to work independently and monitor progress and completion of tasks largely at his/her own discretion.
- He or she should have a great sense of accuracy, deliver high quality work, possess a high degree of integrity and be able to work under pressure.
- He/she must have technical and ICT knowledge and experience.
- He/she is flexible to work incidentally after regular working hours.
- The senior Internal Affairs Officer makes sure to handle everything concerning this job in a neutral and objective manner, independent of personal interests or interests of third parties.

Employment conditions

The selected candidate will be:

- locally employed under Italian law by the State of the Netherlands, represented herein by the Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome/Italy;
- offered a fixed term contract for 38 hours a week for the duration of one year, probationary period of two months.
- After twelve months a succeeding (fixed term) contract can be offered in case of excellent job performance. 
- The position is ranked in job level 7. This salary scale comprises 16 pay numbers, starting with pay number 0 and ending with pay number 15. The selected candidate will be offered a salary with a pay number corresponding to the years of relevant experience. Once employed, the staff member will move up one pay number every twelve months in case of excellent job performance. At present, the salary in job level 7 pay number 0 is euro 2.639,00 gross per month.
- The Embassy has a 38-hour working week, from Monday through Friday.
- The Embassy pays a thirteenth and fourteenth month salary.


For more information concerning this job position and the employment conditions, the Head of Consular and Internal Affairs at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome, Mrs. Natalie van Harn, can be contacted through


If interested, please send your resume and a motivation letter in English or Dutch before 11 November 2019 to

Selection procedure

The selection procedure consists of interviews and (possibly) also a written language test.