Electronic Music Convention

Electronic Music Convention featuring Dutch DJ Bart Skills attracts over 2.000 people to the open-air venue at Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade.

With an eye on the growing importance of the electronic music industry for Dutch exports, the Embassy in Belgrade organized a 2-day Electronic Music Convention in close cooperation with Serbian partners. The event was set up to highlight Dutch expertise in electronic music by hosting a range of seminars, workshops, a DJ competition and even an open air dance music festival in Kalemegdan Fortress.

Thirty artists, musicians and business developers shared their views and experiences, participated in lectures related to music production, event promotion and organization, while prime examples and success stories from the electronic music industry in The Netherlands were showcased thanks to keynote speaker and Dutch DJ/producer Bart Skills. The DJ competition attracted over 100 applicants from all over Serbia. The winner of the competition played at the open-air festival – Dnevni Rejv or Day Rave. 

The Day Rave festival was held in a stunning open-air location at the historic Kalemegdan Fortress, and it attracted a record number of over 2.000 people. Promoting a healthy outlook on the festival scene, it was dubbed a day rave and lasted from 18.00-00.00. The Dutch embassy worked closely with partners in the private sector. Support for the organization of the festival came in large part from the Dutch business community in Serbia, with companies such as Heineken, Windvision, Vahali Shipyards and Philips contributing financially. The Serbian hosts of the festival also donated two coveted trips to Amsterdam for the annual Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).