Want to bring Dutch arts and design to the UK? Apply for funding before 3 September 2019

Dutch artists and designers that have been invited by British cultural institutions to perform or exhibit in the United Kingdom can apply for funding via the Dutch Embassy in London. The next proposal submission date is 3 September 2019. Proposals will be assessed and processed before 27 September 2019.

Dutch rock band EUT performs at The Great Escape in Brighton in May 2019

Dutch band EUT performs at The Great Escape in Brighton in May 2019

Subsidies to stimulate Anglo-Dutch cultural exchanges

International exchange between culture makers, creative entrepreneurs and cultural institutions is a source of inspiration and often leads to new ideas and innovations. Therefore, the Dutch Embassy in London and various Culture Funds in The Netherlands actively encourage Anglo-Dutch cultural exchanges. One way of doing this is by making subsidies available to British cultural institutions that programme Dutch arts and culture makers in the UK.

How to apply for a culture grant at the Dutch Embassy in the UK?

When applying, please consider our criteria for grant applications:

  • Grants are available to present works of artists/designers from the Netherlands at a British cultural venue or festival.
  • Applications are preferably submitted by a British cultural institution (legal entity, not individuals).
  • Only professional cultural institutions can apply.
  • The project is being realised in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and/or Northern Ireland).
  • The minimum subsidy application is €2,500. The maximum request is €10,000.
  • There are both Dutch and British financiers for the project and the Embassy is preferably not the only Dutch financier. (Click here for a list of Dutch cultural funds that also have funding available for internationalisation.)
  • The project reaches a relevant audience. (This can be demonstrated, among other things, by the reputation of the organising British party and the location where the event takes place.)
  • When the subsidy is granted, the roles of Dutch artists and Dutch financiers are mentioned in the marketing communications.
  • Expenses that are eligible for support are, among others, transportation, travel, accommodation, PR/marketing, event documentation (AV, photography).
  • Expenses that are not eligible for support are, among others, research and preparation phases of a potential future project, fees and per diems for the Dutch participants, salaries and general operating costs, insurance expenses, hospitality and entertainment (receptions, dinners, parties, etc.).

Applications should include a description of the project as well as a full and detailed budget. Please send your applications to LON-PPC@minbuza.nl before 3 September 2019.

Contact the Dutch Embassy for more information

If you have any questions, please contact the Embassy’s Culture, Education and Communication Department on LON-PPC@minbuza.nl.