Film Dirty God – an NL-UK co-production – in British cinemas

The film Dirty God, by Dutch film director Sacha Polak, is showing in UK cinemas from 7 June.

This powerful drama follows a young, working-class woman returning to normal life after a horrific acid attack at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. The lead role is for British actress Vicky Knight.

Funding from the Dutch Film Fund

Dirty God is an international co-production of Viking Film (the Netherlands), EMU Films (UK), A Private View (Belgium) and Savage Productions (Ireland). The film is supported by the Dutch Film Fund. Via its Film Production Incentive it provides generous cash rebates to support international co-productions of films and TV series. Funding has also been provided by, among others, the British Film Institute and BBC Films. Independent Film Company is handling the sales.

Contact us for more information

To support co-productions in which Dutch film makers (actors, directors, camera crews, editors, technicians, you name it) work with international film makers, the Film Fund has very generous incentives available. If you want to hear more about the cash rebates that they have available, please contact our Culture Department at the dutch Embassy via