Dutch Sustainability Days

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Thailand is excited to announce the Dutch Sustainability Days. During these days the embassy in collaboration with partners is organizing a series of interesting events aimed at promoting sustainability.

Climate change is a fact and our present use of natural resources is unsustainable. More and more people are starting to realize that we must severely change our ways of production and consumption in order to address these global challenges. In the Netherlands, we are working on a National Climate Agreement, in the European Union a Plastic Strategy is being formulated and in Thailand the idea of a circular economy is becoming increasingly popular.

One of the best tools to address these environmental issues is learning from one another and sharing experiences and innovations. For this reason the Netherlands Embassy in Thailand has decided to organize a series of events on sustainability, bringing together both Dutch and Thai actors to share and learn from each other. To learn more about these events please check our website: www.dutchsustainabilitydays.com