Dutch Season at Brighton Fringe 2019

Some of the best shows from Amsterdam Fringe 2018 will be coming to Brighton Fringe 2019, from 3 May to 2 June. Netherlands-based theatre makers performancing at Brighton Fringe are Sherise Strang, King Sisters, NEON, Ester Natzijl, Abhiskek Thapar and duo Katelijne Beukema and Kajetan Uranitsch.

Brighton Fringe 2019

Dutch Season at Brighton Fringe 2019

A weekend full of mesmerising Dutch performing arts

The six Dutch acts that have been selected by Brighton Fringe all received raving reviews during Amsterdam Fringe. These are high quality pieces of performing arts. Four out of six of these acts can all be seen in Brighton Fringe's closing weekend, from Thursday 30 May to Sunday 2 June. So if you want to go to Brighton, you should definitely go in that weekend!

The Dutch Season at Brighton Fringe has received funding from the Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom and the Dutch Performing Arts Funds. Read more about the possibilities to fund cultural projects with Dutch participants in the UK.

The Dutch acts

  • My Home at the Intersection by Abhishek Thapar
    An intimate and charming performance taking us back to the conflict in the Indian province of Punjab. A little boy dresses up as a local superhero. A family loses their home. Personal memories of three generations collide with the many official versions of a fragment of history.
    Location: Sweet Werks, 15 Middle Street
    Date and time: 3, 4, 5 and 6 May at 3.30pm

    Abhishek Thapar speaks about his play, truth and lies, fact and fiction, documented and undocumented history at Sweet Werks on 4 May at 10.30am.
  • WATCHING, ceci n’est pas de deux by Ester Natzijl
    This is a solo-duet. Solo-duet? Yes, dancer, puppeteer and choreographer Ester Natzijl dances with a life size puppet in this show, which has been performed at festivals worldwide. This is the second time Natzijl performs this show at Brighton Fringe.
    Location: The Old Courtroom, 118 Church Street
    Date and time: 9 May 6.45pm, 10 May 6.45pm, 12 May 6pm, 26 May 7.30pm
  • I'd Had Enough So I Killed Him by Sherise Strang
    A dance/physical theatre solo inspired by the life of poet and writer Maya Angelou, an activist and feminist who fought her whole life for the rights of black women.
    Location: The Spire, St. Mark's Chapel
    Date and time: 30 May 6pm, 31 May 6.30pm, 1 June 9.30pm, 2 June 5.30pm

    Sherise Strang also gives a dance workshop at The Spire on 2 June at 12.30pm.
  • Song of the Sisters by King Sisters
    "The chemistry between the three sisters is sparkling, from which speaks love, but also struggle and rivalry. We were overwhelmed by goosebumps", said the Amsterdam Fringe Jury.
    Location: The Spire, St. Mark's Chapel
    Date and time: 30 May 7.30pm, 31 May 5pm, 1 June 5pm, 2 June 4pm

    The King Sisters also give a singing workshop at The Spire on 1 June at 2.30pm.
  • Körper by NEON
    Dance/physical theatre performance that questions the unconscious way most of us live our lives. Are we really in control of who we grow up to be? What made us who we are, and what happens if we don’t conform to the expectations of society?
    Location: The Spire, St. Mark's Chapel
    Date and time: 31 May 9.30pm, 1 June 8pm, 2 June 7pm

    NEON also gives a workshop 'Discover Your Body' at The Spire on 1 June at 12.30pm
  • The World We Live In by Kajetan Uranitsch and Katelijne Beukema
    In an empty space, two performers continually attempt to portray our world as they move between historical events and everyday life. They fight the temptation of the digital screen and its endless stream of information and entertainment.
    Location: The Old Courtroom, 118 Church Street
    Date and time: 31 May 9pm, 1 June 9pm

    Kajetan Uranitsch and Katelijne Beukema also host a discussion and workshop entitled 'Capture The World In Clay' at The Old Courtroom on 1 June at 3.30pm.

About Brighton Fringe

Brighton Fringe (as with all other Fringe festivals in the world) is completely open-access, which means anyone can register and put on a performance as no selection criteria is imposed on participants. This enables both new and established performers to take risks and entertain audiences. Brighton Fringe features around 4,500 performances, making it the largest arts festival in England.