Pop-Up Embassy Brisbane: Passport applications on 14 May 2019

The Consular Team will visit Brisbane on Tuesday the 14th of May to provide the opportunity to submit an application for a Dutch passport and/or identity card.

You can request an appointment by sending an e-mail to the consular team (syd-ca@minbuza.nl) before the 1st of May. Please demonstrate  in your e-mail why you would like to take the opportunity to apply for a Dutch passport in Brisbane.

We will reply to your email no later than the 7th of May. Requests received later than the 1st of May, will not be processed.

Did you know:

  • that it is also possible to submit an application by appointment in the arrival hall at Schiphol/Amsterdam or at various Dutch (border) municipalities. See our website www.nederlandwereldwijd.nl or www.netherlandsworldwide.nl;
  • that if you can’t get an appointment in Brisbane on the 14th of May you can apply for a Dutch passport at the Consulate-General in Sydney by appointment;
  • that Dutch nationals who also have the Australian nationality - in accordance with Australian regulations - have to depart and enter Australia on their Australian passport;
  • that Dutch citizens with dual citizenship who don’t need a travel document, but would like to keep their Dutch citizenship, can apply for a Dutch nationality certificate by e-mail or mail. You can find more information about this certificate on https://www.netherlandsworldwide.nl/countries/australia/living-and-working/applying-for-your-first-dutch-nationality-certificate-abroad;
  • children with dual citizenship have to be in possession of a valid Dutch passport (or Dutch nationality certificate) on their 28th birthday to maintain their Dutch citizenship.

We ask you to refrain from sending more than one email. Please await the reply from our team.

Further information about the pop-up embassy in Brisbane will be announced on the website www.netherlandsworldwide.nl.

The Consular Team

Consulate-General in Sydney