The Analogues perform The White Album at London Palladium

The Analogues, a Beatles tribute band from the Netherlands, are bringing to life The White Album by The Beatles, at The London Palladium on 4 May 2019. They will be playing the 30-track record in its entirety, from the very first to very last note. These are all songs that The Beatles themselves have never performed live!

The Analogues perform The White Album by The Beatles in The London Palladium

The Analogues perform The White Album by The Beatles in The London Palladium

The Beatles stopped performing in 1966, fed up of the constant hysteria at their shows that began to inhibit rather than propel the band forward. This decision meant albums such as 1968’s The White Album were driven by studio experimentation and, while they changed music, fans were never able to experience the records live. Indeed, many thought it could not be done.

'Studio albums' by The Beatles now finally performed live

The Analogues have made it their mission to bring all the post-1966 'studio albums' to life on stage. Following on from performances of Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Dutch five-piece are now touring with The White Album, arguably their most ambitious project to date. Their starting point remains the same: musical authenticity – the band search the planet to locate every period-correct instrument to create a near note-perfect homage – every guitar, piano, synth, and in this case, Mellotron organ. “We had a difficult time finding a good Mellotron as not many were made”, explains drummer Fred Gehring. “We ended up owning serial number 10. We understand Sir Paul owns number 9.”

A near obsessive level of attention to detail

To many, The White Album is The Beatles’ magnum opus. It’s a quirky masterpiece that in all its diversity, when performed live, requires the utmost from both musicians and production. It’s a project that requires a near obsessive level of attention to detail, one that has taken The Analogues an eternity of preparation, research and practice.

Very successful in the Netherlands, now touring throughout Europe

Sold out tours in The Netherlands, raving reviews in the international press and undivided praise by leading international Beatles-authorities have paved the way for a number of shows through Europe, among which a much anticipated show at the The International Beatleweek in Liverpool in 2018, where the band performed The White Album at the legendary Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

On 4 May 2019 they will be back in the UK. This time they will perform The White Album at The London Palladium. It is one of the last opportunities to see The Analogues perform this album live. Their next project is to bring another Beatles album to life: Abbey Road.

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