Pop Up consular desks in New Zealand

To make the passport application process easier and more accessible for Dutch citizens in New Zealand, the consular team of the Netherlands embassy in Wellington will travel through New Zealand this year! 

What services will be provided?  

The Pop Up consular desk will not only provide the opportunity to submit an application for a passport, we will also be available for the activation of your DigiD, applications for consular declarations and/or applications for a declaration of Dutch nationality.  

Who can use the service of the Pop Up consular desk? 

This opportunity is for all Dutch passport applicants. But passport applicants for whom a visit to the embassy is particularly burdensome, due to physical, medical or other urgent reasons (e.g. elderly or disabled people, families with children) will get preference. If the above is applicable to you, please send us an email on wel-ca@minbuza.nl.  

Where can you find the Pop Up consular desks this year?  

Christchurch 16 & 17 April (schoolholidays)
Nelson TBC
Tauranga/Rotorua May
Hamilton 11 June
Auckland 9 & 10 July (schoolholidays)
Napier 20 August
Auckland October (schoolholidays)

How to make an appointment? 

We will open the appointment system specifically for the Pop Up Consular desk. Please note you can only book via the appointment system, not via email or phone! A special announcement will be made for each visit and will include instructions on how to book your appointment. 

This is a pilot and we will evaluate this service at the end of the year also in order to decide on whether we can continue in 2020.  

More detailed information will follow soon, please keep an eye out on our website  or our Facebook page

The various Dutch clubs will be notified as well. 

The consular team looks forward to meeting you in the region!