Economic Mission to Vietnam 7-12 April with PM Rutte, Minister van Nieuwenhuizen and Vice-Minister Sonnema

Are you interested in doing business in Vietnam? Join the trade mission led by the Prime-Minister Mr. Rutte, Minister for Water & Infrastructure Ms. van Nieuwenhuizen, and Vice-Minister for Agriculture Ms. Sonnema, from 7-12 April 2019. VNO-NCW Chairman Hans de Boer will act as business delegation leader.

The goal of this visit is to further strengthen the economic and political relations with Vietnam. The mission is a follow-up to the visit from the Vietnamese Prime Minister Phúc to the Netherlands in June 2017 and the visit of Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Ms. Kaag in February 2018.

For whom?

The trade mission is open for participation to Dutch companies and knowledge institutes for the following sectors:

  • Water and Maritime
  • Agri- and horticulture
  • Logistics
  • Offshore wind energy

In addition, businesses and knowledge institutes that have participated in earlier missions are actively encouraged to join this mission.

Vietnam: an interesting trade partner

Vietnam experiences high economic growth and is politically stable. Trade between the Netherlands and Vietnam is rapidly growing. For Vietnam, the Netherlands functions as ‘gateway to Europe’, providing additional trade and investment opportunities. The Netherlands is Vietnam’s second European trading partner and on a yearly basis Dutch businesses export for over €800 million to the Vietnamese market. In turn, Vietnamese exports to the Netherlands amount to over €5 billion each year. More information about business opportunities in Vietnam is available on the Doing Business factsheet. This factsheet, and many other thematic factsheets, is available on our website:


Vietnam faces many difficult challenges in the realm of water and climate change. In particular, the Mekong Delta is vulnerable to climate change due to its low location. The delta suffers from land subsidence due to groundwater extraction, rising sea levels, increasing supplies of river water, salinization, and decreasing fresh water levels. It is therefore that, in close cooperation with the Vietnamese government, the Netherlands has developed the Mekong Delta plan. This plan shows that Dutch businesses and knowledge institutes are able to offer sustainable solutions to the water challenges that Vietnam faces.

In addition, this mission focusses on water-related challenges that accompany the rapid urbanization of Vietnam. The growth of urban areas puts pressure on the sustainable management, supply, and treatment of water and, through their expertise and solutions, Dutch businesses and knowledge institutes could offer an essential contribution to these problems.

Agriculture and Horticulture

Vietnam has set the ambition of becoming a large regional and global player in the realm of agriculture. For many years, Dutch agri- and horticulture businesses are active in Vietnam and it is the aim of this mission to expand the value of current business and to explore new opportunities.

Especially the North (Red River Delta) and the South (Central highlands/Dalat) are suitable for horticulture. The agricultural transition in the Mekong Delta offer opportunities for Dutch businesses and knowledge institutes in the vegetable- and fruit-chain, and for salty cultivation, aquaculture, and agro parks.


The enormous growth of the Vietnamese economy and international trade has created important logistical and infrastructural challenges. Currently, Vietnam has only one deep-sea port that can handle the increasing volume of imported and exported goods. The ambition of the Vietnamese government to develop itself as a regional hub has created unique possibilities for Dutch businesses and knowledge institutes.

The Embassy and CG support two Partners for International Business (PIB) clusters in their development of the Vietnamese market. Based on current opportunities in the logistics sector, the program of the mission focuses specifically on aviation/ airports, inland waterways and port development. The program offers many possibilities for Dutch businesses and knowledge institutes to present and position themselves as suppliers of high-quality solutions to the enormous logistical challenges.

Offshore wind energy

The rapid economic development of Vietnam causes increasing demands for energy. The Vietnamese government has high ambitions for the development of sustainable energy in the near future and wind energy is an important pillar in this ambition.

There is large potential for offshore wind energy, especially in the southern coastal areas near Ho chi Minh City. At this moment, the wind energy sector is still in the development stage and Dutch businesses could seize the opportunity to be one of the first-movers into the market. This mission is the perfect opportunity for Dutch businesses to present themselves as experts and reliable partners in offshore wind energy solutions to key-decision makers in the field of wind energy.


During the mission, you will meet potential Vietnamese business partners through individual matchmaking sessions, several trade receptions, and field visits. Also, will have the opportunity to display your business, services and products to other Dutch businesses. Furthermore, the mission offers the opportunity to have the Dutch government bring business issues to the attention of governmental authorities for you. Lastly, it is possible to have contracts and cooperation agreements signed in the presence of the official delegation and Vietnamese ministers.

Flights to Vietnam leave on the 7th of April. The program starts on Monday 8th of April with the presence of Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen and Vice-Minister Marjolijn Sonnema. Prime-Minister Mark Rutte will join the mission on Tuesday 9th of April. You can view the tentative program on


Costs for participation amount to € 950 per company (maximum of 2 participants per company). In case of more than two participants, the additional costs will be € 475 per additional participant. Included is participation in the general program, individual matchmaking, collective local transport and local support from the organizer. Travel, accommodation and possible translation fees are not covered. A travel agency will draft an itinerary.


The registration for this trade mission closes on February 25. To be able to help you most effectively, we ask you to sign up as soon as possible. Sign up via: actueel /evenementen/economische-missie-vietnam-met-minister-president-rutte-minister-van-nieuwenhuizen-en-directeur.

More information

For more information about this trade mission, you can contact Karin Schipper, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, email: