Do you want to vote from outside the Netherlands? Make sure you register in time!

European Parliament elections will be held on 23 May 2019. Dutch nationals living abroad can vote in these elections. If you want to vote, you must register online with the municipality of The Hague before 11 April 2019.

Gebouw met wapperende vlaggen ervoor

Elections for the European Parliament take place every 5 years. The purpose of voting is to elect Dutch candidates for the new parliamentary term, so you will be voting for a Dutch political party. The European Parliament is organised differently to other parliaments: parliamentarians from different countries form parliamentary groups that share the same political affiliation.

You can vote from abroad

If you are a Dutch national living abroad, you can vote in these elections. But you will need to register online. If you wish, you can authorise someone to vote on your behalf in the Netherlands.

How does voting from abroad work?

You must register to vote by 11 April 2019 at the latest on the website of the municipality of The Hague. You only need to do this once. You will then receive a voter’s pass or a postal vote certificate in the post for every election. Voting by post is simple: just send your vote to the address on the envelope provided. To make sure your vote is received on time, post it well before 23 May 2019.

If you authorise someone in the Netherlands to vote on your behalf, this person will receive a certificate of authorisation. They can use this certificate to vote at a polling station in the Netherlands on your behalf.

More information

For more information on voting in the European Parliament elections if you live abroad, go to the website of the municipality of The Hague. The municipality of The Hague can also be contacted by phoning +31 (0)70 353 4400.

You can also contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24/7 Contact Centre on +31 247 247 247. Alternatively, phone the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country (select ‘consular affairs’ in the call menu).

The page on contacting the 24/7 BZ Contact Centre sets out all the ways you can reach us.