Passport applications in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne 2019

In 2019 Dutch citizens who are not able to travel to Sydney to apply for a passport and/or identity card are offered the possibility to submit an application on location in Perth, Brisbane or Melbourne.

When are we planning to be where

  • Perth                 March
  • Brisbane          May
  • Melbourne      August

About 5 weeks before we arrive on location we will announce the exact date on our website and Facebook page.

Who can apply

This opportunity is mainly focused on those applicants who experience difficulties travelling due to medical conditions. This can be demonstrated with a medical certificate by your treating medical doctor. If the interest exceeds our capacity, then the Consulate will make a selection.

If you are otherwise not able to travel to Sydney you can also submit a motivated request. The Consulate determines by capacity how many people from this second category can be assisted, and will make a selection if necessary.

What do you need to do

You don’t have to do anything just yet. When we announce the exact date, we will also send out the instructions and the email address where you can send your request. We will announce the exact date via this website, but also via our Facebook page and newsletter.

Please note

It is also possible to submit an application by appointment in the arrival hall at Schiphol/Amsterdam or at various Dutch (border) municipalities.