Vacancy: Senior Secretary / Administrative Assistance (40 hrs per week)

The embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is currently looking for an enthusiastic colleague to support our dynamic secretarial pool. As Senior Secretary you will be providing organizational, secretarial and administrative assistance to management and/or (senior) staff.

Job profile: fluent in English and Thai, energetic, a team player, flexible, able to cope with stress and able to work independently whilst being part of a well-functioning team. Having knowledge of the Dutch language is an advantage. Moreover, a customer-oriented approach is of high importance to our embassy.

The deadline for the application is 31 January 2019. Please send your letter of motivation and curriculum vitae to adressed to Jef Haenen.

Job Description


  • Establishment post no. : 63368823
  • Job title : Senior Secretary / Administrative Assistant
  • Mission : Bangkok
  • Job level : Scale 6
  • Number of hours : 40 per week

The senior secretary / administrative assistant provides organisational, secretarial and administrative support to management and/or (senior) embassy staff. The senior secretary / administrative assistant acts as a link with the internal organisation and external environment. The senior secretary / administrative assistant must be detail oriented, have the ability to multitask and be a personable, diplomatic and professional representative of the Embassy.

The senior secretary / administrative assistant is typically charged with maintaining the Ambassador’s and the deputy Ambassador’s schedule, booking meetings and appointments, and serving as a gatekeeper, screening calls and prioritizing daily tasks and responsibilities. The senior secretary / administrative assistant is usually responsible for distributing meeting agendas, scheduling meetings and recording and transcribing meeting minutes.

Internal and External Communication. Requests for the (deputy) Ambassador are typically funnelled through the senior secretary / administrative assistant , such as requests for conference calls, public speaking engagements and professional organizational activities.


The senior secretary / administrative assistant provides organisational, secretarial and administrative support to management and/or (senior) staff.

The senior secretary / administrative assistant is accountable to the Operational Manager for the quality and progress of tasks.

Secretarial and administrative support activities at the mission are clustered in a secretarial-administrative pool, falling under the Operational Manager. Where possible, the employee will receive instructions from a single source. In this case it will be from management team and or (senior) staff.


1. Secretarial, organisational and administrative support activities



Secretarial, organisational and administrative support activities

• The senior secretary / administrative assistant is charged with maintaining the Ambassador’s and the deputy Ambassador’s schedule, booking meetings and appointments, and serving as a gatekeeper, screening calls and prioritizing daily tasks and responsibilities;

• The candidate is charged with organizing the logistical aspects of social events at the Residence (invitations, table setting, menu, presents)

• preparing and disseminating correspondence, memos and forms

• liaising for incoming and outgoing mail correspondence

• answering phone calls •deal with telephone and email enquiries, and redirect them when necessary

• managing the daily agenda and arrange new meetings and appointments

• liaising with MFA in The Hague / other embassies in Bangkok / local authorities (Thailand, Cambodia and Laos) / companies / NGO’s / Dutch community in Thailand, and other relevant organisations and companies

• organising and servicing meetings (producing agendas and taking minutes)

• filing and updating contact information of employees and external partners

• developing and maintaining a filing system (24/7 and Sophia)

• making travel arrangements, document expenses and hand in reports

• undertaking occasional receptionist duties (greet visitors and direct them to the appropriate colleagues in the embassy)

• providing administrative support for management and other staff

• providing support to spouse of Ambassador for social events

• updating wine inventory stock for VAR related venues


• internal secretarial/administrative procedures and regulations, including the Ministry’s rules and regulations on Integrity

• the candidate should be able to organise the work largely independently


• acts as contact/link, making arrangements relating to administration and processes, and coordinating work with regard to the provision of services

• maintains internal and external contacts regarding the implementation and progress of tasks, providing explanations and support, and exchanging information



• skilled in Windows-driven MS Office programs such as Word and Excel, Outlook

• proven work experience as a secretary or administrative assistant

• familiarity with office organization and optimization techniques

• high degree of multi-tasking and time management capability

• excellent written and verbal communication skills

• integrity and professionalism

• basic knowledge and understanding of current (related) policy areas and processes

• basic knowledge of standard documentation and archiving techniques

• basic understanding of civil service and political interests and sensitivities, of primary processes and of administrative, organisational and functional relationships

• skilled in operating as a link with third parties (external and foreign relations) at senior political and official level

• skilled in collecting and interpreting data and compiling management information

• skilled in secretarial/administrative work, and in coordinating complex information flows and processes from various sources, weighing up consequences, interests, priorities etc.

• communication skills

• A strong level of oral expression in English and Thai, and a good level of English and Thai writing skills is required

• Deadlines may be imposed suddenly, demanding flexibility and reprioritisation of workload

• Knowledge in IT is an advantage



• Initiative

• Ability to plan and organise

• Ability to coordinate

• Integrity

• Adaptability

• Customer-orientated

• Ability to work in a team



• Secondary vocational level (MBO)

• Fluency in Thai and English is required

• Knowledge of Dutch language is an advantage




The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Bangkok promotes Dutch interests and values in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. The core business of the embassy is consular, economic and political affairs.


The secretarial – administrative pool consists of 2 locally employed staff members and is a part of the Internal & Consular cluster.

There two staff members within the secretarial pool are of equal rank and seniority. The 2 staff members will replace each other in case of absence / leave.



The qualified staff member is energetic and able to cope with stress; The staff member is able to work independently while being part of a tight and well-functioning team. In order to be able to work effectively in a Dutch-Thai cultural setting adaptability and an open mind set is key. The staff member is pro-active, flexible and responds constructively to ideas of others and makes optimal use of the knowledge and expertise of colleagues.

The role can be stressful at times, since the work is partly focused on the needs of the MT or team. __________________________________________________________________________


This job falls within the administrative career stream



Name/position/telephone number of the person to contact for further information about the job:

Mr Jef Haenen, Operational Manager,