Dutch fashion designer makes statement against overproduction and overconsumption of clothing at International Fashion Showcase in London

A “Post Black Friday Shop” full of garments produced from designer clothes “that were not popular enough on Instagram and have therefore not been sold” is being prepared for the International Fashion Showcase, from 11 to 24 February in Somerset House, London. It is an artistic statement by Dutch fashion designer Duran Lantink, a protest against the enormous overproduction in the fashion industry.

Duran Lantink

Representing the Netherlands: Duran Lantink

“Even so called exclusive brands like Chanel, Dior and Louis Vutton are producing far more items than they sell”, says Lantink. For the International Fashion Showcase he is producing half-Dior, half-Chanel “hybrids”. And the “shop” he is building is also a hybrid.

Lantink’s half-Chanel, half-Dior shop full of hybrid designer clothes is one of the 16 installations at Somerset House from 11 to 24 February. The International Fashion Showcase is a biennial fashion presentation of work from the best up-and-coming fashion talent from around the world and Duran Lantink was selected to represent the Netherlands.

Residency led to good contacts in London

Although the International Fashion Showcase 2019 still has to take place, it is safe to say it’s already been a major success for Duran Lantink, because during his IFS residency period in London in the summer of 2018, sponsored by the Dutch Embassy in the UK and the Creative Industries Fund NL, Lantink laid the foundation for a collaboration with Liberty London. “My business coach during those two weeks put me in contact with Liberty London. I am so excited that I can work with them. Liberty is small and sophisticated, much more so more than other high-end department stores like Harrods and Selfridges. I want to work with boutique shops and Liberty is like that. You have to go there and search for items by hand. My clothes will not be sold online.”

Duran Lantink fashion - photo by Jan Hoek

Contact the Cultural Department at the Dutch Embassy in London

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Read more about Duran Lantink, whose work includes vagina trousers that were worn in Janelle Monae’s music video PYNK and 'Sistaaz of the castle', a project with transgender people in Johannesburg, South Africa.