Design of Dutch pavilion Dubai EXPO 2020 unveiled

The design of the pavilion with which the Netherlands participates in the world exhibition Dubai EXPO 2020 was officially unveiled today in Dubai. The pavilion is a unique ‘biotope’ with a circular climate system. It demonstrates the comprehensive and important knowhow, experience as well as creativity of the Dutch in the interconnected fields of water, energy and food. The Netherlands wants to display its innovative power and capitalize on opportunities in the Gulf region and beyond.

With ‘circularity’ as a central theme, the Dutch pavilion is not a building but a biotope in itself. It provides a striking way for the Netherlands to participate in the Dubai EXPO 2020. The pavilion in the form of a circular climate system provides the visitor with a unique experience stimulating all human senses. This information was shared at the unveiling of today by the Netherlands’ consul-general in Dubai and the consortium responsible for the design.

Mensen voor tentvormig paviljoen met planten
© V8 Architects

Connecting water, energy and food issues

Global issues in water, the growing energy demand and food security have a great impact in the Gulf region. The Gulf states are the biggest consumers per capita of water and energy. Most of the necessary food is imported. The countries themselves have concluded this must change.

By presenting sustainable solutions connecting water, energy and food issues in an integrated approach, the Netherlands wishes to respond to these challenges. Dutch innovations, knowhow and skills can provide the connecting links in the Gulf.

The Dutch pavilion will be a focal point for private companies, knowledge institutions, governmental entities and non-governmental organisations to meet for networking and sharing knowledge. In short, to show the world what the Netherlands has to offer. The pavilion provides a platform to organize business events and capitalize on opportunities. The Netherlands is committed to connecting supply and demand through various events in the pavilion.

Climate as pavilion

Its unique design will let the visitor of the pavilion experience the connection between water, energy and food with all of his or her senses. A circular climate system you can enter, a mini world where water, energy and food are completely interlinked and climate is controlled in a natural way. This is how the Netherlands demonstrates that water, energy and food production is not viable without these interconnections.

Man op trap tegen tentvormig paviljoen met planten
© V8 Architects

Sustainable construction

The exterior and interior of the pavilion are also standard-setting. The construction will be built using local and hired construction materials, limiting transport to the absolute minimum. The interior also consists entirely of hired components. After the expo, all materials will be returned to the region or will be re-purposed. This provides for a minimal ecological footprint of the pavilion.

The pavilion’s design

Design and construction are realised by the consortium of V8 Architects, Kossmann.deJong, Witteveen+Bos and Expomobilia. The consortium has extensive activities and a strong network in Dubai. A great number of innovative companies from the Netherlands were involved in the design.  The design pools resources, knowledge and technology in the fields of pavilion construction, interactive visitor experiences and circular and sustainable building, resulting in a demonstration of technical ingenuity.

Paviljoen met bar, zitjes en lichtobjecten
© V8 Architects

Exploitation and sponsoring

In addition, the consortium is responsible for maintenance and service as well as the eventual dismantling of the pavilion.

Ultimately in the first quarter of 2019 a number of tenders will be published, e.g. for exploitation of the pavilion. Options for sponsoring will also be published.

All information regarding exploitation and sponsoring can be found on after publication.

Dubai EXPO 2020

The 35th edition of the world exhibition will take place in Dubai from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021: Dubai EXPO 2020. It is the first world exhibition in the Middle East. Under the theme  ‘Connecting minds, creating the future’ 170 participating countries will present ideas, innovations and technologies.

With an estimated attendance of 20-25 million, the Dubai EXPO 2020 offers many opportunities  for participants and visitors. The Netherlands aims to provide Dutch private and public sector stakeholders a platform for expanding their network and position in the Gulf region both during and after the Dubai EXPO.