NS to set up committee on individual compensation for Second World War

During the Second World War, NS operated trains on the occupier’s instructions. This period marks a black page in the history of our country and our company, which we will not ignore. Mr Salo Muller, a Holocaust survivor, spoke to CEO Van Boxtel today. It has become clear from various talks with Mr Muller that there is a desire for individual compensation. It is the opinion of NS that no one will benefit from lengthy legal proceedings. As a result, a joint decision has been taken not to initiate legal proceedings but to set up a committee.

The remit of this committee will be to consider how NS can issue individual payments on moral grounds. To this end, it will focus on the question of how individual compensation to survivors and next of kin can take shape. The committee will be appointed and its terms of reference will be formulated by mutual agreement with Mr Muller.

In consultation with various representatives of Second World War victims, NS elected in the past few decades for a collective commemoration of the suffering brought upon so many people at the time. The purpose of this activity has been to persist in learning, honouring and commemorating. This commemoration can never amount to making amends in a literal sense for any person involved.

Remembrance and commemoration

Investigations were carried out previously into the role of NS during the Second World War. There has been a Parliamentary Inquiry and NS has been evaluated by the committees investigating war involvement (Zuiveringscommissies). Moreover, several books and publications have been written about NS. In September 2005, NS apologised for its role during the occupation. NS honours and commemorates the victims of the Second World War, in particular the Holocaust. For example, we invest in monuments, exhibitions and educational programmes.

Addendum: it was announced on 27 November that a committee will be formed which will focus on the desire for individual compensation for Second World War survivors and next of kin. It is not yet known how this compensation will work and for whom it is intended. As a result, it is not yet possible or necessary to register for this compensation. It is our expectation that we will be able to clarify this matter in the course of 2019. If you have any other questions, please contact rutger.hamelynck@ns.nl.