Fight against AIDS not over yet

Today minister Kaag signs the Universal Declaration of Love, which is launched by the Aidsfonds. By signing this, we want to draw attention to the fact that the fight against AIDS is not over yet. On the contrary.

Tent made of colourful condoms

Tent made of condoms from 'Condomerie Utrecht'

The number of new HIV infections is rising in many countries, and every year almost one million people are still dying from the effects of AIDS. Exclusion, discrimination and inequality are among the causes for this. The most vulnerable groups are hit the hardest, such as gay men, drug users and sex workers. For young women, AIDS is still the number one cause of death worldwide.

The Netherlands invest in fight against AIDS

The Netherlands therefore continue to invest in the fight against AIDS, making a unique difference by focusing on those vulnerable groups that often lag behind. So that they can make their voices heard and have access to the right resources and medicines. With this method, we achieve good results that are decisive for effectively battling this epidemic.


We cannot do this alone, and therefore we work together with partners. The Netherlands work with NGOs, UN organizations and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. In addition, we work together with the business community and knowledge institutes. By working together with different organizations, we complement each other and we can bring about changes at international, national and local level.

Making a stand against exclusion and discrimination

As said, we cannot do this alone. By signing this Universal Declaration of Love, we call on everyone to follow this example. Together we can make a stand against exclusion and discrimination.