The Dutch go Slush!

Slush, one of the largest startup and tech events in the world, is getting closer and the Netherlands is bringing a trade mission to Helsinki (4 & 5 December 2018). The trade mission is for innovative tech startups, who are ready for the next step. The mission is led by Prince Constantijn van Oranje . “The Netherlands is the ultimate innovation nation...”

...says Constantijn van Oranje. As special envoy at StartupDelta he has been one of the strongest advocates for the Dutch startup community.

Startup area Slush 2017

Startup area Slush 2017

Discover the Dutch Spirit

The Netherlands is one of the top startup ecosystems in the world. We offer talented people from all over the globe the opportunity to communicate, create, explore, grow and live like a successful innovator. What does that mean? Discover our Dutch Spirit for yourself and change the world on your terms.

NL ecosystem

NL ecosystem

Holland Startup Corner

At Slush the Netherlands presents some of the hottest tech startups our country has to offer. Visit the Holland Startup Corner and discover the Dutch Spirit. From better healthcare to more online security. And from sustainable energy solutions to innovations for e-learning. Technology designed to improve your day to day activities.

The following startups are part of the Holland Startup Corner:

- Expivi: Expivi offers a whole new shopping experience with a 3D product configurator and the possibility to show products in AR
- HousingAnywhere: Helps you with finding a new home abroad
- Cloudwise: Offers easy ICT solutions for schools
- Maps Untold: An on-demand travel platform for individuals that works with algorithms
- Th3RD: Offers one of the largest 3D scanners in the world. They bring physical objects in to the digital world
- Watermelon: Offers automated chat, which reduces customer mails and calls
- 5miles: 5miles offers the structure and knowledge you need to improve your Excel skills (and more) in 5 minutes a day
- GIBBON: Makes sure you can travel without a suitcase or bag, because it is a rental marketplace for travelers
- MoreApp Forms: Digitize all your forms such as inspections and rapports, MoreApp Forms can help you save a lot of time
- Slashlead: Creates personalized mailing, to achieve better results and higher sales and better conversions

- Ledger Leopard: Your partner for enterprise-ready blockchain solutions
- Jamzone: Transforms digital technology in user experience and offers personalized e-mental health programs
- Organic Village: Circular strategies for nature & humans

- Coolfinity: With just a few hours of energy use a day, the Coolfinity fridge offers constant cooling with their ice battery (among other things)
- Sobolt: Sobolt develops data-driven products that contribute to durable energy transition and a sustainable world in general

More than 20,000 visitors, 2,600 startups, 1,600 investors and 600 journalists from all over the world meet at Slush in Helsinki. Slush is the perfect opportunity for Dutch startups to:

1) Establish strategic partnerships with other companies to bring products / services to the international market;
2) Upscale production with reliable, high-quality partners;
3) Collect funding from VCs and large corporates.

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The Holland Startup Corner is brought to Slush in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Finland, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO and StartupDelta.


Journalists are most welcome to meet the Dutch startups, investors and to hear more about the startup ecosystem at any time. For meeting requests with Prince Constantijn, please contact us a.s.a.p.

For further information, please contact:

Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands
Ilona Jääskeläinen-Overduin, Communications & Public Diplomacy Officer / 040 569 2161

Slush stage 2017

Slush stage 2017