Netherlands Embassy visit to Careertrotter

The third Friday in November has since 2016 been the Day of the Entrepreneur (Dag van de Ondernemer). A special day to celebrate entrepreneurs, their initiatives and perseverance and the contribution they make to our economies and societies. To mark this occasion, the Netherlands Embassy in Dublin paid a visit to Dublin-based recruitment company Careertrotter, which is run by Dutch entrepreneur Herbert Croezen.

Careertrotter was founded in Dublin in 2010 and has since grown into a successful recruitment agency, focusing on multi-lingual recruitment opportunities. Herbert, who started the company, still runs its day to day business and is currently looking into different expansion opportunities. When he first came to Dublin to work at a sales call center, he was planning to stay for about 6 months. Herbert started in sales and, through a job change, ended up in recruitment, which he deems ‘the most difficult sales job, since you have to sell to both sides’. After labelling the pros and cons of having his own business on a napkin, he decided to set up his own company here in Dublin.

The Embassy delegation with Herbert and some of his employees.

‘Dublin is the best European city for jobs’, he explains as he is telling us about his reasons to stay in Ireland back in the day, rather than move back to the Netherlands. Now, he is no longer considering heading back, after marrying an Irish woman and having a child. Careertrotter is doing well and is going to have to look for a bigger office space soon, as they are planning to hire a few new people over the next year. Herbert tells us that the people he works with as well as the candidates they have is what makes Careertrotter unique. ‘So if you know any Dutch people looking for a job, tell me’, he says jokingly. We also had a chance to speak to some of Herbert’s employees and have a look around their office, which is situated in the heart of Dublin.

Herbert Croezen (left) and Chargé d'Affaires Roelof van Ees

The Netherlands Embassy brought flowers and a sizeable cake to mark the occasion. The Embassy is glad to see Dutch entrepreneurs being successful in Ireland and feels that Careertrotter is a good example of a successful business. The Day of the Entrepreneur is celebrated around the Netherlands, but also by a lot of different embassies around the world, by hosting events or undertaking company visits. For more information on the Day of the Entrepreneur, please visit (Dutch only).

The Netherlands Embassy in Ireland is always looking to support Dutch entrepreneurs looking to move to Ireland or expand their business in this country. For more information on what we can do for you or your business please contact us through

In June 2019, the Netherlands will be organising the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the Hague, together with the United States, to support international entrepreneurship. This will be a big conference, attended by investors, entrepreneurs and other participants from around the world. For more information visit