SWYCS conquers the world with its IoT solutions and creates Smart City’s and Smart Nations!

Today, worldwide cooperation was sealed by royalties under the watchful eye of the Dutch embassy. Dutch-born Prince of Johor Bahru Malaysia,  Dennis Verbaas, helps SWYCS supporting and pushing SMART city’s in Malaysia. The Dutch embassy in Singapore plays an important role in this.

SWYCS is a Dutch company which builds an universal and vendor-neutral infrastructure that connects wireless equipment and systems based on open standards.  This infrastructure makes the Internet of Things accessible to both homes and offices. The SWYCS concept ensures integration of health, welfare, building maintenance, ICT and energy management systems. This integrated platform offers an effective and efficient solution to guarantee the security, welfare and comfort of the users of a building. With this extremely powerful infrastructure Smart City’s and Smart Nations are within easy reach.

SWYCS and its partner in Singapore, LinkThinx Pte Ltd, participated at BuildTech Asia 2018. On 22nd October 2018, the exhibition booth was visited by Dutch-born Prince Dennis Verbaas, who is married to Johor Princess Tunku Tun Aminah Sultan Ibrahim.  He was accompanied by Mr. Robbin Mulder, the Counsellor for the Regional Business Development for ASEAN from the Singapore Embassy of the  Kingdom of the Netherlands, to receive a golden gateway! as a symbol for the official kick off of SWYCS in Asia!

The CEO of LinkThinx Pte Ltd, mr. Peter Daniel and the Business Development Director of SWYCS, mr. Bart Lelij, were also present when the CEO of SWYCS, mr. Rene Riemens, presented the gold-plated IoT gateway to Prince Dennis Verbaas during his visit to the exhibition.

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