Passport tool now also available in English

The new tool for passport and ID card applications is now available in English on The tool simplifies the procedure for Dutch nationals applying for a passport or identity card abroad or at a border municipality.

Image: Henriette Guest

The tool has been available in Dutch on since the spring of this year. To see the passport tool in English for your country, you can go to the passport tool homepage.

Personalised checklist

Dutch nationals who live abroad can apply for a passport or ID card at a large number of missions. They can also apply at certain border municipalities in the Netherlands. The new tool provides a personalised checklist of the nessecary documents. That way, you will know exactly which documents you need for your application. The front-office staff member at the mission or border municipality will only request and accept the documents listed on your personalised checklist.

Who developed the passport tool?

The checklist was developed in close cooperation between the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK). The tool’s content is subject to the guidelines drawn up by BZK.