Dutch F-16s participate in large international 'Tiger Meet' exercise at Poznan Krzesiny air base.

Since 14th May, six Dutch F-16 fighters from Volkel Airbase are participating in the two-week international exercise NATO Tiger Meet (NTM) 2018 at Poznan-Krzesiny Airbase in Poland. All participating international units have a tiger or feline in their squadron emblem.
For two weeks, European fighter aircraft and helicopter units and an AWACS radar unit train simulated scenarios. In total, sixteen countries with 70 fighter aircraft, 24 squadrons and 1.500 military personnel participated in the NTM.

Dutch F-16

Participating in the Tiger Meet is important, because nowadays missions in crisis management areas take place in collaboration with other Armed Forces and of with several multinational partners. For pilots, The planning, execution and debriefing of complex flight missions in large multinational contexts is of excellent training value for the pilots. Air combat with other fighter aircrafts provides valuable knowledge and experience for overall training. Skills are put to the test under various conditions and according to realistic scenarios. There are also large training areas with extensive simulated threat systems in which the deployment of weapons, during day and night, is realistic to train.