Dutch Bakery 21.03 opening in Ukraine

DutchBakery21.3 is officially open today, on the 21.03, the World Down Syndrome Day.

Being a part of the comprehensive project Perspectiva 21-3, it will serve as a training facility for young people with Down Syndrome and other learning difficulties and will provide employment people with disabilities.

“Our world is beautiful in its diversity, people with Down syndrome can and do make meaningful contributions through their lives. Education is a very important experience that creates a solid basis for the whole life. It is very responsible of the company Zeelandia Ukraine to initiate this project and share Dutch experiences of inclusion in Ukraine”, said Ambassador Ed Hoeks at the opening.

From now on our Embassy will buy bakery from Bakery 21.03!

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UA-Bakery 21.03
UA-Bakery 21.03 - products