Bicycle drawing contest in Singapore

The Dutch Embassy in Singapore organized a drawing contest in cooperation with the Hollandse School Limited. Students from the Hollandse School were asked to draw a bicycle. Together with Ad Ketelaars, President of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (ADB-DutchCham), Ambassador Margriet Vonno picked the winners and invited them for a pancake-feast at the residency.

Ambassador Margriet Vonno is a passionate cycling enthusiast. This is a little more difficult in Singapore than it is in the Netherlands: there is little to no infrastructure for bicycles in the Lion City. Because of that, the ambassador misses cycling very much. She had a solution, however: she asked students from the Hollandse School Limited (the Dutch school in Singapore) to let their creativity loose and create a beautiful bicycle-drawing.

The winners were chosen on December 5, 2017. The lucky ones received an invitation for an afternoon with the ambassador at the residence, where the winning drawings were put on display. The winners enjoyed an afternoon filled with art, games, pancakes and lemonade. The video report of this successful afternoon can be found below.

The Dutch Embassy in Singapore highly values cycling, among other themes such as sustainability, innovation, startups and circular economy. Events like this drawing contest help promote the Dutch culture of cycling.

Watch the full video via this link.

Bicycle drawing contest Singapore