The 9th Asian Development Bank (ADB) Business Opportunities Fair is now open for registration

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Manila is pleased announce and to invite Dutch companies interested in doing business with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to the: 9th Asian Development Bank (ADB) Business Opportunities Fair, to be held on 14-15 March 2018, ADB Headquarters in Manila. Registration is open until 11 February.

The ADB is a multilateral development bank committed to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific. Projects funded by the Bank follow internationally-competitive procurement procedures which promote fairness, transparency and efficiency.

The ADB Business Opportunities Fair (ADB BOF) is a one-stop forum for consultants, contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers looking to provide goods and services for ADB projects. During the past editions of the ADB BOF, the fair has proven to be an excellent opportunity to network not only with the ADB specialists but foremost with potential local and international partners also interested in ADB.

Opportunities at the Asian Development Bank

As a multilateral development finance institution the ADB provides loans, grants and technical assistance mainly to developing members countries in the region. This funding generates business opportunities for companies and individual consultants involved in providing supply of goods, civil works, and services.

ADB is planning its strategy towards 2030 with the goal to end poverty, promote prosperity, deeping inclusion, strengthening sustainability and building resilience in Asia and the Pacific. The bank is scaling up its lending resources to fund more resilient infrastructure in transport, water, energy and urban areas. Adressing the agriculture, education and health sectors will become increasingly important. The Bank sees an important role for private sector operations and development of PPPs to generate more development impact.

In 2017, ADB approved a total of US$28.9 billion of loans, grants and technical assistance (TA). Of this, US$19.1 billion (US$3.2 billion through ADB’s private sector arm) were loans and grants from own resources, co-financing US$9.5 billion and TA’s US$205 million. Total procurement contracts for goods and works and consulting services amounted to US$7.1 billion and US$653 million respectively. The Netherlands share in 2017 procurement of goods was US$130,000 (0.002%) and US$16.31 million (2.57%) for consulting services.

Opportunities at the Business Opportunities Fair

  1. Gain insights about ADB’s upcoming and ongoing business opportunities in areas of Energy, Transport, Urban & Water, Finance, Health and Education sectors, and in building a stronger public and private sector by enhancing knowledge, skills and regulatory strength.
  2. Familiarize with ADB policies and procedures for procurement and recruitment of consultants.
  3. Obtain better appreciation of ADB’s future strategy and find out where the services of a company are required.
  4. Meet or deepen existing contacts with ADB sector and procurement specialists as it is always useful to establish a good working relationship within ADB to find out about upcoming projects.
  5. Network with other participants from other countries to explore potential areas of collaboration. Cooperation between organisations has proven to be indispensable to win contracts at the ADB.  

Registration for the ADB-BOF 2018

Please register on the ADB website. Registration to the event is free. ADB requires participants to register by 11 February 2018 (2400H Manila Time). For Dutch companies/organizations based outside the Netherlands, please make sure that you select “Netherlands”as the country you represent while continuing to keep your local address in the “Address and City” option on the ADB registration form.

Travel Arrangements

Participants will be responsible for all their travel and in-country costs. The event is free of charge and will be held at the ADB Headquarters, 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City. You will find the list of hotels with special rates for this event in the ADB website.

Role of the Netherlands Embassy in Manila

The Embassy performs a liaison role to the ADB and actively promotes business opportunities for Dutch companies who wish to bid for ADB-funded contracts.

Given the opportunities at the ADB, the Embassy would welcome the participation of a Dutch delegation to this business event and intends to support Dutch companies and organizations to make best use of their participation at the ADB Business Opportunities Fair and visit to the Philippines.

For companies interested in doing business in the Philippines, the embassy will organize a welcome briefing and networking lunch for the Dutch companies participating. In the case of specific commercial interest in the Philippines, the Embassy can organize meetings with relevant Philippine government agencies and private sector contacts.

The Embassy looks forward to a successful trade mission in which participants could explore further business opportunities with the ADB, in the Philippines, and in the wider Asian region.

Please contact Luuk Rietvelt at for further details of the Business Opportunities Fair or to discuss specific requirements or interests with the ADB.