Dutch agriculture sector inspires Singapore in shaping the future of urban farming

With millions of square meters in the built-up areas to serve as fertile ground, urban farming in Singapore has every chance of growing into an exemplary, sustainable and profitable solution. Singapore has already taken the first initiatives. Now it is time to take it to the next level.

Urban Farming Partners, a group of experts in the fields of food, logistics, planning and architecture, is working together with the Dutch Government. They would like to team up with partners in Singapore and investors for the next big step.

During the 3rd annual Indoor AG Con Asia on January 16 – 17 in Singapore, the Netherlands highlighted its strengths in modern indoor agriculture. Concepts in sustainable, smart indoor farming from the Urban Farming Partners attracted visitors’ attention. Its flagship, the 3D printed scale model of the 101 Experience Tower, was an eye catcher. Especially the aspects of production close to the consumer, using high-yield technologies and an integrated food chain approach that increases food security contrast many current practices.

During a presentation on what can Asia’s indoor agriculture industry learn from Holland’s approach, Nienke Gelderloos highlighted the Dutch way of collaboration with clusters and cooperatives, multidisciplinary problem solving and smart solutions around water. Nienke is policy advisor agriculture at the Netherlands embassy in Singapore as well as liaison manager for Urban Farming Partners.

For more information:
Nienke Gelderloos, Liaison Manager Urban Farming Partners and Policy Advisor Agriculture
 T: +65 9752 6541
 E: nienke.gelderloos@minbuza.nl
W: https://www.urbanfarmingpartners.sg/