Call for Project Proposals

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Slovakia invites Slovak non-governmental organizations to submit their proposals for small projects concerning the above and below mentioned policy topics. The financial support would amount to max. 2000 EUR per project, depending on the scope of the project and availability of financial means.


Promotion of European (EU) values Countering extremism & intolerance in society Social inclusion of Roma, LGBTI & refugees Environmental sustainability & social responsibility*

*cultural projects only


  1. The project addresses one of the above mentioned policy priorities.  
  2. The project has a clear link with the Netherlands. In the case of social inclusion projects, the link is for instance manifested by the topic of social inclusion being one of the most important topics of the Dutch Foreign Human Rights Policy. In the case of other projects, presence of a clear Dutch aspect would be preferred (e.g. Dutch speaker; cooperation with a Dutch institute or organization; attention is paid to Dutch policy priorities for the topic concerned; etc.)
  3. The project is strategic and has a clear follow-up, i.e. it is not a one-time event.
  4. The project concerned is a public diplomacy project or a cultural project that communicates one of the above mentioned policy priorities. With regard to environmental sustainability & social responsibility topics, only cultural projects are eligible.
Promotion of European (EU) values EU promotion, aimed at fostering public support and understanding about the European Union.  
Countering extremism & intolerance in society Initiatives that aim for tolerance-building and strenghten the rule of law in Slovakia. Openness and awareness of shared European values could be promoted via cultural and other platforms and via the engagement of general public.
Social inclusion of Roma, LGBTI & migrants Promotion of equal rights for the Roma, LGBTI and migrantsand improvement of their social inclusion, especially in education and employment.
Environmental sustainability & social responsibility Initiatives that raise awareness about environmental sustainability and promote social responsibility through cultural projects.

Regardless of whether the project fulfills the above mentioned criteria, the Embassy reserves the right to decide upon supporting or not supporting individual submitted projects.

Please, submit your applications by e-mail to:

Feel free to forward this information on the call for proposals to any relevant contacts.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any further questions.